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News from the Federation Family

National Federation of the Blind Launches New Online Publication:

Chris Danielsen, editor of this new Web publication has prepared the following announcement:

Chris Danielsen
Chris Danielsen

The National Federation of the Blind has launched a brand new Web-based publication called Voice of the Nation's Blind. The inaugural issue of the publication can be found at <>.

The purpose of Voice of the Nation's Blind is to use the full power of the Internet to bring content about the Federation and its activities, as well as other matters of interest to the blind community, to the widest possible audience and to present this content in new and exciting ways. The VNB Web site will feature an abundance of audio and video material, as well as written articles. The publication will also provide readers with opportunities to interact with its editor and staff at the National Center for the Blind using the Internet to submit articles, make comments and suggestions on existing and future content, and pose questions to the editor.

The goals of Voice of the Nation's Blind are:

• To provide exclusive online content about the National Federation of the Blind, the National Center for the Blind and NFB Jernigan Institute, and our activities;

• To publish in-depth coverage of issues that are important to the blind community;

• To profile leaders in the Federation and other interesting blind individuals;

• To discuss new technologies that may assist the blind, as well as the access issues we face with existing commercial technologies and the Internet;

• To discuss the interaction of blindness and blind people with the media and the arts and to provide a forum for artistic expression in the blind community;

• To discuss legal matters involving the Federation and Federationists, as well as other legal issues that affect the blind;

• To allow NFB members to pose questions and comments directly to the magazine's editorial staff and the staff at the National Center for the Blind; and

• To talk about the many ways in which our fifty-two state and regional affiliates and hundreds of local chapters are helping the blind and advancing the cause of the Federation in their own communities, and to serve as a sounding board for ideas on how affiliates can continue to support the program of serving the blind at the local level.

The inaugural issue of Voice of the Nation's Blind includes:

• An extensive feature package on electronic voting machines, including an article about the recent controversy surrounding these devices and the way the blind community can respond effectively, as well as an audiovisual demonstration of three accessible voting machines;

• A new perspective on the life of NFB founder Dr. Jacobus tenBroek from one of his distinguished colleagues in the California legal community;

• Extensive audio and video coverage of the third annual Possibilities Fair for Seniors held at the NFB Jernigan Institute in May of this year, including the featured speakers and an interview with a participant; and

• The story of an innovative computer training program run by the NFB of South Carolina and the way it's being expanded to help blinded veterans learn about adaptive computer technology.

There's more in the inaugural issue and more to come, so please visit us on the Web today, and don't hesitate to comment on this new publication, submit articles, and make suggestions about what you think we should include in future issues. Happy browsing!

Potomac Chapter Wins Arlington County's James B. Hunter Human Rights Award:

We recently learned that the Potomac Chapter of the NFB of Virginia has just received one of five awards presented in memory of James B. Hunter. The Arlington County Web site describes Mr. Hunter as a member and chairman of the county board for eight years. He was a "compassionate and dedicated public servant who worked tirelessly on behalf of individuals with little access to their government."

The awards program recognizes sustained commitment and outstanding accomplishments in human rights made in Arlington County by an individual, a community group, a nonprofit organization, or a business establishment. This year's award recipients were honored at a reception Thursday, November 4.

Santa's Elves at Work in Pennsylvania:

Early this year Lynn Heitz sent us the following little report. We decided to save it for the 2004 Christmas season. Here it is:

On December 16, 2003, members of the Keystone and Greater Philadelphia Chapters of the NFB of Pennsylvania donned their elf hats and wrapped toys for Operation Santa Claus. This program, sponsored by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, collects thousands of toys each year and distributes them to needy families in the Philadelphia area. Over one thousand children can celebrate Christmas because of this program.

Members of the two chapters decided to participate in the program as a way of giving back to the community. We left the wrapping center that day with warm feelings, knowing that we had helped make Christmas possible for some children.

AARP The Magazine.Available on NFB-NEWSLINEŽ:

President Maurer circulated the following self-explanatory notice by email on October 20, 2004:

Dear Colleagues:

Great news! Now available on the NFB-NEWSLINEŽ system is the broadest circulation magazine in the states, AARP The Magazine. We are providing this service to the AARP and to the blind in recognition of the large number of blind people who are seniors. This cooperative relationship makes the broadest circulation magazine in America available to the blind by touch-tone telephone. Please let senior citizens and those operating retirement communities know about the availability of the magazine.


.Marc Maurer, President
National Federation of the Blind


On October 17 at the 2004 convention of the NFB of Illinois in Springfield, the following officers were elected: president, Lois Montgomery; first vice president, Patti Gregory‑Chang; second vice president, Cathy Randall; secretary, Debbie Kent Stein; treasurer, Kelly Doty; and board members Carmen Dennis and Joe Monti.

John Earl Cheadle dressed in alb and stole.   His fiance made the stole from pieces of material significant to John Earl throughout his life.
John Earl Cheadle dressed in alb and stole. His fiance made the stole from pieces of material significant to John Earl throughout his life.


We are pleased to announce that John Earl Roberts Cheadle, son of Federation leaders and staff members Barbara and John Cheadle, was ordained to the ministry in the Christian Church on Sunday, October 10, 2004, at 2:00 p.m. The service took place at the Christian Temple in Catonsville, Maryland, with a reception  following. Congratulations to John Earl and his proud family.


The following officers were elected at the 2004 meeting of the Deaf-Blind Division: president, Robert Eschbach (Arizona); first vice president, Burnell Brown (Washington, D.C.); second vice president, Bob Deaton (Nebraska); secretary, Patricia Tuck (Florida); and treasurer, Bruce Woodward (Connecticut).


The Arizona Association of Blind Students held its annual elections during the NFB of Arizona's convention in Tucson September 10 through 12, 2004. The following officers were elected: president, Arielle Silverman; first vice president, Debbie Royce; second vice president, Ryan Thomas; secretary, Ben Bloomgrin; acting secretary, Tony Sohl; treasurer, Danielle Jones; and board member at large, Wayne Royce.


Mike Freeman, president of the NFB of Washington State, recently notified us of the affiliate's election results: Mike Freeman, president; Bennett Prows, first vice president; Kris Lawrence, second vice president; Kaye Kipp, secretary; and Gary Mackenstadt, treasurer. Elected to the NFBW board of directors were Kyle Parrish of Sequim and Don Mitchell of Vancouver.

In Brief

Notices and information in this section may be of interest to Monitor readers. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information; we have edited only for space and clarity.

Attention Braillewriter Owners:

Braillewriter Cleaning and Repair Service, located at 2714 Ruberg Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211, has satisfactorily cleaned, adjusted, and repaired over 175 manual Perkins Braillers. Bernadette Dressell has been trained and certified by Howe Press, where Perkins Braillewriters are manufactured. Please call (513) 481‑7662 for price quotes.

Free Audiozine:

Penny Haynes writes to offer her free audiozine to every visually impaired person that would like to receive it, at no cost and with no strings attached. She is an audio book publisher and will be offering all her organization's books through the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. They have subscriber versions of all of their topical audiozines, but prices for blind subscribers have been reduced to cover publication cost only (50 percent off‑-$7.95--for adult publications; 63 percent off‑-$5.95--for the children's audiozine). They also want to encourage visually impaired people to participate in the audiozines, especially children, since everything is done by audio and can be recorded using the group's 800 recording line.

Your the first free weekly downloadable audio magazine that brings you stress‑free comedy breaks, practical hands‑on business solutions, and inspirational stories. Listeners are encouraged to participate by submitting audio articles on the 800 line, as well as by authoring audio books. Delivered to your inbox, the audiozine can be downloaded in MP3 format. See the organization's Website at <>. Get two free audio books when you subscribe.

New Sightseeing Opportunity in Washington, D.C.:

Doris Willoughby of Colorado provides the following information:

Many NFB members who participate in the annual Washington Seminar also enjoy visiting the Smithsonian museums.This year a brand-new one will be available: the National Museum of the American Indian. A grand opening was held in September, featuring a native nations procession on the National Mall.

.In great contrast to the way museum exhibits have often portrayed Native American cultures, this new museum is respect and authenticity. The director and many employees are Native Americans. Extensive consultation with native groups from various regions of the Americas (not just the USA) has taken place.

The new museum, at Fourth Street and Independence Avenue SW, is just east of the Air and Space Museum. The Air and Space Museum, familiar to many Federationists, is located only about two blocks north of the Capitol Holiday Inn.

Descriptions in the general publicity clearly imply that many aspects of museum exhibits should be accessible to blind visitors. We are gathering details about accessibility.

Whether or not a visitor has Native American heritage, this new museum will be an exciting experience, and we will be among the first visitors to enjoy it.

New Listserv for Counselors:

Blind-counselors is a list for those who are blind and have a career in professional counseling, social work, psychology, family therapy, or other social service professions. List members exchange information, network, find mentors, and discuss the challenges and rewards of being both blind and a mental health professional. To subscribe, please send a message to <blind‑counselors‑>.

Address any questions to the list owner at <>.

Holiday Gift Ideas from NBP:

Here are some inexpensive last-minute gift solutions from National Braille Press:

For your favorite knitter: Knitting Patterns, Plain and Fancy, $10

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For your favorite queen: The Gadget Queen: 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life, $10

For any favorite person: Braille alphabet bracelets, $28.95 plus $3 shipping. Choose silver or gold.

For your favorite punster: The Puzzlemaster Presents, $10, and The Puzzlemaster Presents, Volume 2, $13.95 (Buy the set for $20.)

For your favorite cook: Pillsbury Fast and Healthy Cookbook, $12.95

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For your favorite meditator: The Heart of Meditation, $12.95

For your favorite bookworm:  Any of our Super CDs

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For your favorite writer or student: The Elements of Style, $7.95

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For your favorite New Yorker: Here Is New York, $6.95

Order by sending payment to NBP, 88 St. Stephen Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02115‑4302, Or call and charge it toll‑free (800) 548‑7323 or (617) 266‑6160, ext. 20. You can also order any NBP books online at <>.

Monitor Mart

The notices in this section have been edited for clarity, but we can pass along only the information we were given. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the statements made or the quality of the products for sale.

For Sale:

Braille Lite 40 with 2002 updates. Machine is in good working order. Includes serial cables, battery charger, and Braille manual. Asking $1,250 or best offer. For more information call Rodney Neely at (703) 319‑0881 or email him at <>.



I pledge to participate actively in the efforts of the National Federation of the Blind to achieve equality, opportunity, and security for the blind; to support the policies and programs of the Federation; and to abide by its constitution.


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