Braille Monitor                                                                      October 2006



Portrait of all the participants in the rehabilitation conference.
On September 6, 2006, this group of rehabilitation and other professionals gathered to consider the nature of rehabilitation, the future configuration of rehabilitation programs, and the involvement of the National Federation of the Blind in creating this configuration. This meeting, which took place at the National Center for the Blind, occurred as a result of discussions which had previously taken place at the 2006 convention of the National Federation of the Blind. Pictured here are (left to right) back row: John Berggren, Carlos Serván, Dan Frye, Allen Harris, Jim Omvig, Ron Gardner, Jim McCarthy, Jesse Hartle, Paul Ficcaro, and Jim Gashel; middle row: Rosy Carranza, Dick Davis, Shawn Mayo, John Cheadle, Fred Schroeder, Marc Maurer, Pam Allen, Julie Deden, Joyce Scanlan, Peggy Elliott, Mary Ellen Jernigan, Joanne Wilson, and Betsy Zaborowski; and front row: Heather Reed, Mark Riccobono, Diane McGeorge, Patricia Maurer, Eddie Bell, and Barbara Cheadle.