Braille Monitor                                                    November 2008

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Mary Ellen Thompson lights the pilot light of the stovetop.

Frank Dyer operates the new dishwasher.

The two convection ovens stacked one atop the other are on wheels for easier cleaning.

The restaurant-size three-sink unit

In the early to mid eighties the NFB built a large dining room and professional kitchen in the far northwest corner of our Johnson Street headquarters. For well over twenty years Thanksgiving dinners for the NFB staff and board of directors and hundreds of other meals for division meetings, leadership seminars, national and international groups, and other Baltimore chapter and Maryland affiliate events have been prepared and served in this space. We have used the kitchen hard, and by this year it was pretty well worn out. So last summer, when we returned from the national convention, workers began swarming over the kitchen, tearing out equipment, counters, and storage space. A few weeks and thousands of dollars later, the NFB took possession of a state-of-the-art professional kitchen, which is now in almost constant use. Among other amenities it boasts both a walk-in freezer and refrigerator, two warming ovens, two convection ovens, a large combination convection and conventional oven, a gas four-burner stovetop, and an industrial-strength restaurant dishwasher.

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