Braille Monitor                                                    November 2008

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A Tribute to Twenty Years Leading the Way

Dr. and Mrs. Maurer and Bridget and Kevan Worley (a 1991 CCB graduate) enjoy the Friday evening alumni reception at the Four Point Sheraton Hotel.From the Editor: In the October Braille Monitor we reported in depth on the programs of the Colorado Center for the Blind (CCB). On September 20 the CCB family came together to celebrate twenty years of extraordinary dedication and service to members of the blind community. Here is a brief report of the party:

On Saturday evening, September 20, 2008, Federationists, friends, alumni, and colleagues came together for the Tribute to Twenty Yearscelebration honoring the accomplishments of the Colorado Center for the Blind (CCB). For the past twenty years the center has been leading the way in life skills training, providing the opportunity for independence and success to more than five hundred center graduates.

Pictured are some of the Twenty Who Led the Way. Left to right in the back row are Dan Wenzel, Eric Woods, Ray McGeorge, Scott LaBarre, Alice George, and Tom Anderson. Middle row are Jim Barbour, Kevan Worley, Pricilla Hudson, Jennifer Stevens, Mark Riccobono, Julie Deden, and Christine Flory. Front row are Julie Hunter, Duncan Larsen, Buna Dahal, and Diane McGeorge. Not pictured but honored are Marc Maurer, Bill Saker, and Kimberley Johnson.As the sun set over the Rocky Mountains, the lilting sounds of a bagpipe band on the lawn outside the center drew more than 250 guests to the festivities. The evening’s entertainment included music, magic, and origami performed by former and current students and staff. Seven restaurants and caterers provided delectable fare for the palate while partygoers were kept busy checking on their bids at the giant silent auction. A highlight of the evening was the Tribute to Twenty, a special honor awarded to twenty people who have been integral in the center’s two decades of growth.

One of the highlights of the evening was an ice sculpture donated by Adam Buehler, son of Duncan Larsen, depicting the Rocky Mountains with the new CCB logo.More than a hundred alumni returned to the center to take part in the celebration, share memories, and renew old friendships. Tour guides showed guests around the center and all were impressed with the new Randolph-Sheppard professional training kitchen, the industrial arts wood shop, the beautiful Braille library, the technology center, and the new senior resource center. As the evening came to a close, guests departed feeling a deep appreciation for the accomplishments of the center over the last twenty years and a sense of excitement for its future.


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