Braille Monitor                                                    June 2009

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NFB-NEWSLINE Online Offers Blind Readers More Options for Accessing the News

by Renee West

Renee WestFrom the Editor: Renee West is the NFB-NEWSLINE® marketing and outreach manager. In the following brief article she describes two exciting new services available to NFB-NEWSLINE users. This is what she says:

NFB-NEWSLINE, the largest electronic newspaper service in the world for blind and print-disabled Americans, providing free access to over 280 newspapers and magazines, is pleased to announce the launch of the NFB-NEWSLINE Online Website, <>. Through this breakthrough and its innovative features, subscribers can enjoy both an enhanced experience in reading the news and dramatically increased flexibility in the way they can access their favorite publications. Two new features, Web News on Demand and NFB-NEWSLINE in Your Pocket, are now available to subscribers.

Web News on Demand

Web News on Demand provides all of the features that subscribers enjoy with the traditional phone-based service, including access to all of their favorite publications, the TV listings, and the local information channel content. With Web News on Demand, for the first time subscribers can visit a secure, text-only Website that provides access to the entire edition of any publication on the service. Further, a reader can search for any term throughout the publication. A subscriber using Web News on Demand can send a full newspaper, a section, or a single article to his or her e-mail inbox, allowing unrivaled, immediate access to a breaking news story. For further information about WebNews on Demand, visit <> and select “Web News on Demand.”

NFB-NEWSLINE in Your Pocket

With NFB-NEWSLINE in Your Pocket we've increased the flexibility and functionality of NFB-NEWSLINE, allowing our subscribers to get daily news quickly and easily using a digital Talking Book player such as the Victor Reader Stream, Icon, or Braille+. NFB-NEWSLINE in Your Pocket is a dynamic software application that a subscriber installs on his or her computer that, through an Internet connection, automatically downloads chosen publications to his or her portable digital talking book player. Through this revolutionary initiative subscribers can gain easy and immediate access to their favorite publications and enjoy the reading experience offered by a DAISY-reading device. For further information about NFB-NEWSLINE in Your Pocket, visit <> and select “NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket.”

To learn more about NFB-NEWSLINE, visit <>; if you’d like to subscribe to the service, you can fill out the online application form, write to <>, or call (866) 504-7300. In order to be eligible for NFB-NEWSLINE a person must be legally blind or have a physical or learning disability that prohibits reading newspapers independently. Eligibility is not dependent on or restricted to affiliation with any consumer or support organization; the only thing that matters is the inability to read the newspaper.

If you are already an NFB-NEWSLINE® subscriber, you can access these new features today by visiting <> and selecting the “Log On” link; once you’ve entered your codes, you’ll need to consent to our terms of use agreement. You will then be able to access all of your favorite publications by reading them online or by downloading them to your digital talking book player.

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