Braille Monitor                                                 December 2011

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The NFB Board

Each November the board of directors of the National Federation of the Blind convenes an in-person meeting to review the work of the organization and plan for the future.  The two-day meeting begins at eight o'clock sharp and not infrequently runs past eight in the evening. Accessibility, education, employment, and a host of other issues are discussed in detail, and decisions are made to ensure that the work we do is moving the blind of America toward first-class citizenship in America.

The board is composed of fourteen state presidents and additional members, representing a total of seventeen states.  Here, appearing from left to right, are the members of the board of directors.

Back row (left to right): Fred Schroeder, first vice president; John Fritz; Alpidio Rolón; Ron Brown, second vice president; Pam Allen, treasurer; Marc Maurer, president; James Gashel, secretary; Mika Pyyhkala; and Mike Freeman. Front row (left to right): Joseph Ruffalo Jr., Parnell Diggs, Cathy Jackson, Amy Buresh, Patti Gregory-Chang, Carl Jacobsen, Sam Gleese, and Ever Lee Hairston.

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