Braille Monitor                                                                                May-June 1986


NFB Writers Workshop

Last year at the meeting of the National Federation of the Blind Writers Division it was decided to hold a writers workshop during the summer of 1986. This workshop will take place August 8, 9, and 10 and will be held at the NFB National Headquarters (1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230). Speakers for the workshop will address both fiction and nonfiction writing; and other topics to be discussed will include: resources for blind writers, newsletter writing and editing, writing as gainful employment, and we plan to make time for manuscript critiquing. So dust off those brilliant pieces of writing and bring them along (in print as well as in a form that you can read). Registration for the workshop, payable in advance, is $20 if paid through July 4 and $25 from then through July 25. Advance registration (through July 25) includes free lodging at the NFB National Center if you request it. Most rooms are double occupancy, so you may need to share a room if you are coming alone. Persons who do not need lodging at the National Center should still register for the workshop so that we can have accurate attendance numbers. We have not finalized arrangements for food as of this writing, but every effort will be made to make food accessible and affordable. Ten dollars of your registration fee will be refundable should you cancel before July 25. All registration information, fees, and inquiries about workshop specifics should be addressed to: Nancy Scott, 1141 Washington Street, Easton, Pennsylvania 18042. A copy of the registration application appears below. And, by the way, we plan to record as much of the workshop as possible so that people who can't attend can still have the information.

Writers Division Workshop Registration Application

(Return this form and check or money order made out to NFB Writers Division to: Nancy Scott, 1141 Washington Street, Easton, Pennsylvania 18042.)

Name or Names of Persons Attending:


Phone (Optional)

Approximate time you plan to arrive:

Approximate time you plan to leave:

Do you need lodging at National Center:

Enclosed is check or money order for to cover registration ($20 per person through July 4, $25 between then and July 25).