Braille Monitor                                                                                March 1986


Monitor Miniatures

**New Baby:
Linda Scales of South Carolina writes: Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Scales of Union, South Carolina, announce the birth of their son Lee Jefferson Scales, Jr., on Friday, February 7. He weighed eight pounds, two ounces, and was twenty-one inches long.

Gloria Brady, a member of the East Bay Chapter of the National Federation of the. Blind of California, is recovering from triple bypass heart surgery which she had on February 4, 1986. Her sister, Jeanette Harrison, reports that she is home and doing well.

**Activity in Maine:
The National Federation of the Blind of Maine is becoming increasingly active and effective. The February 21, 1986, Central Maine Sentinel said:

Sandy Sanborn, secretary of the Maine affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind, recently returned from a trip to Washington, D.C, where he met with Maine's legislative delegation to talk about his organization's goals. Sanborn said it was the first time in recent memory Maine was represented at the organizations' annual trek to Capitol Hill.

"The primary function of the organization is in the area of public education and self-advocacy. We want to be recognized as individuals, and we want to be viewed as respectable citizens," he said.

"We are trying to be useful people in the community like everybody else, and we want to be recognized as such...."

Sanborn and others from the Central Maine chapter went to Augusta last week to talk with education officials about the possibility of including standards for teachers of the blind.

"We're just trying to insure that quality standards are put in," he said.

**Supreme Court Rules on Rehab and Religion:
For the past several years a battle has been taking place concerning the right of a blind person to exercise freedom of choice in what college courses he will take and still be able to receive assistance from vocational rehabilitation. The student is Larry Witters, and his ambition has been to study theology at Inland Empire School of the Bible in Spokane, Washington. Lower courts said Witters could not receive help from rehab since this would violate the constitutional doctrine of the separation of church and state. The Supreme Court has now made its decision. It has reversed the lower courts and ruled that Witters is eligible to receive assistance from rehabilitation while studying theology.

Justice Thurgood Marshall, who consistently has voted against state efforts to fund sectarian schools at the elementary and secondary levels, disagreed with the lower court's finding that Witters use of state funds for religious training had the primary effect of advancing religion.

Noting the "well settled" precedent "that the Establishment Clause is not violated every time money previously in the possession of a state is conveyed to a religious institution," Marshall wrote that Witters' choice to spend vocational funds for religious education was his, not the state's.

**The Way I Do It:
Olivia Ferrante of Revere, Massachusetts, writes:

"I. To cut down on fingers sticking to thermoform Braille pages, put a little talcum powder on your hands. Your fingers will fly over the plastic. "

2. To grate cheese without spilling, stand the grater in a large mixing bowl. Grate cheese in the bowl."

** Wedding:
We recently received the following announcement:

"Because you have shared in our lives by your friendship and love you are invited to share in our marriage when we exchange vows and begin our new life together on Saturday, the third of May, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Six, at four o'clock in the afternoon. United Methodist Church, Merrimac, Wisconsin. Conne LaVay and Rick Canode."

** Hospitalized:
Jackie Billey, President of the NFB of Connecticut, slipped on the ice in late February and injured her face. She was briefly hospitalized early in March for corrective surgery. All is now well, and she is back to her full pace of activity.

**Kidney Dialysis:
Ed Bryant, Vice President of our Diabetic Division, has asked that we make the following announcement:

Arrangements have been worked out for people needing to dialyze at this year's national convention in Kansas City, Missouri. The dialysis contact is: Mary Kaiser, R.N., Dialysis Clinics, Inc., 1010 Carondelet, Suite 10, Kansas City, Missouri 64114, 816-941-0595. If the unit where you dialyze sets up your program, they should tell Mary Kaiser that you are with the National Federation of the Blind. It is imperative that you bring your Medicare health card and other medical insurance information with you. DCI requires that you pay the twenty percent not covered by Medicare up front. If needed, they are willing to work out other arrangements and you can be billed later. If you do not have Medicare, then the total amount must be paid in advance. If you are in this predicament or have any questions pertaining to the avoce, please contact Ed Bryant, 111-A North Stadium Boulevard, Apt. 162, Columbia, Missouri 65203, 314445-1928.

**National Church Conference:
We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"Make plans to attend the National Church Conference of the Blind, August 3-7, in Austin, Texas, at the South Austin Plaza Hotel. Special events include Bible Studies, Seminars, Choir and Talent Time, a Texas style barbeque dinner, and boat ride on the Colorado River. For cost and additional information write: NCCB, P.O. Box 163, Denver, Colorado 80201, or call Frank Finkenbinder at 303-455-3430."

Under date of March 21, 1988, Hazel Staley writes:

"Death has once again struck our Charlotte, North Carolina, chapter. Ken Batchelder had a heart attack and died suddenly yesterday afternoon, just one month to the day from Bob's funeral. Ken was President of our chapter from January 1, 1984, to January 1, 1988. His wife, Rita, was a past secretary of our chapter."

**Doll Times:
We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"Doll Times is a monthly magazine. Subscription fee is $18 a year. The magazine contains articles, ads, and information about doll shows. Each subscriber may place a free sixty-word ad each month. The classified ad section contains: antique dolls, modern, miniatures, toys, books, paper dolls, and wanted. Those interested may write for a free sample. We are trying to ascertain if there is enough interest to publish the magazine in Braille or on tape or disc. Doll Times, 218 West Woodin, Dallas, Texas 75224, 214-943 2107."

**TBS, Inc.:
We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

Triformation Braille Service, Inc., would like to be included on all mailing lists with references to state Federation conventions to be held in 1988. Thank you. TBS, Inc., 3142 S.E. Jay Street, Stuart, Florida 33497.

**Runs for Senate:
A news release issued in March of this year said in part:

Peggy Pinder, a Grinnell lawyer, has announced her candidacy for Senate District #27 in the Iowa General Assembly currently held by Joe Brown, a Montezuma Democrat who is not seeking reelection.

Pinder, who established a law practice in Grinnell in 1985, was a prosecutor for over five years in Sioux City for the Woodbury County Attorney's office.

A 1971 graduate of Grinnell High School, Pinder was graduated magna cum laude in 1976 from Cornell College, Mount Vernon, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and Mortar Board and served as editor of The Cornellian, the student newspaper.

She received her law degree from Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, in 1979 and was admitted to the Iowa Bar in 1980.

Pinder is a member of the Poweshiek County, Iowa, and American Bar Associations and also has been active in the National Federation of the Blind, a civil rights and self-help organization of blind people. She is also a former member of the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women.

**Chapter Organized:
Snow, which is a rare visitor to South Carolina, did not prevent Don and Betty Capps from reorganizing the Cherokee County Chapter of the NFB of South Carolina. Following two days of contacting blind citizens throughout the area, a banquet was held on Friday evening, February 28, at which time new officers were elected. These included President, William Richards; Vice President, Leonard Home; Secretary, Mrs. Doshie Mullinax; Treasurer, Mrs. Amy Maynor; and Social Director, Wallace Caldwell. President Richards is a blinded Vietnam Veteran. He is scheduled to assume the position of personnel management with the Gaffney Board of Public Works in the near future.

**FootbaIl Schedule Available:
We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"I am compiling a 1986 NCAA college football schedule with over one hundred teams represented. Braille copies are $3.00. Anyone interested should contact me as soon as possible to be placed on our mailing list before the fall season. Contact: Allen H. Gillis, Route 12, Box 2985, Cullman, Alabama 35055."

**Large Cell Brailler:
Howe Press has asked us to carry the following announcement:

For many years Howe Press has produced a modified Brailler known as the Jumbo Dot Brailler, which produced a larger dot within a larger cell. In addition, the spacing between the cells was greater. This type of Braille was found especially useful for persons with decreased tactile sensitivity, especially the elderly and those with diabetes.

We were also producing a special version of Jumbo which used the usual Perkins Braille Dot housed in the larger cell and with the increased spacing. Consumer feedback tells us that this is actually easier to read and superior to the old Jumbo Dot Braille. Therefore, we are retooling to make this option readily available to all. We are calling this "Large Cell Braille" and we will refer to the machine as a "Large Cell Brailler."

Sample sheets are available from Howe Press at no charge which show the three versions of Braille: Regular, Large Cell, and Jumbo. Interested persons should call or write Howe Press at 175 North Beacon Street, Watertown, Massachusetts 02172, 617-924-3490. The "Jumbo" Brailler will still be available. When ordering, the customer must be specific about the model desired."

**Battery Tester:
We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"Introducing an Audible Battery Tester. This hand-held unit emits a strong buzz when teh battery is good, a weaker buss when the battery is marginal and should not be used in recorders, and no sound when useless. This single unit tests AAA, AA, C, D, N, 9-Vold, and button cells. To order your Battery Tester, send a check or money order for %15.95 each (in U.S. funds only) to Ann Morris Enterprises, 26 Horseshoe Lane, Department M, Levittown, New York 11756."

The Tweedledump is a small compact device that attaches to an RS232C cable. It enables you literally to hear data as it passes through your asynchronous serial connection. Any time data is sent through the line, the Tweedledump makes a continuous chirping noise, and when data flow ceases, the Tweedledump stops chirping. The Tweedledump draws its power from the signal sent through the line, so you don't need any batteries to use it. Using the Tweedledump, you will know immediately when something is being transmitted or received through your serial connection. You don't have to look at your screen or use some other less desirable method.

A development of the Federation's Research and Development Committee, Tweedledump can be purchased for $16. Simply write to: Mr. John Monarch, 525 Pawnee Trail, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601.

**Triple Seminar:
The National Federation of the Blind of Illinois and the NFB of Missouri co-sponsored seminars for parents of blind children, for JOB applicants, and a "Braille Bowl" for blind children on Saturday, March 1, 1986, at the Clarion Hotel, 200 South 4th Street, St. Louis.

Bob Hope has recorded radio and television spots for the National Federation of the Blind. To get these spots to distribute to radio or television stations write to the National Office.

**Piano Technicians Meet:
We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

The annual convention of the Piano Technicians Guild will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Caesar's Palace Hotel, July 21 to July 25, 1986. There will be a special one-day seminar for blind technicians on Monday, July 21. Kai Okada will be demonstrating tools designed for blind tuners. Room rates are $52 single and $60 double. Convention registration is $90 for Guild members and $150 for nonmembers. For further information contact Piano Technicians Guild, 9140 Ward Parkway, Kansas, Missouri 64114, 816-444-3500 or Stanley Oliver, 1985 East Outer Drive, Detroit, Michigan 48234, 313-891-9226.

**Clock Wanted:
From time to time, as Federationists know, I get letters from my friend Edgar Sammons, who lives in the mountains of Tennessee. In a recent letter he said: "Here is something that I would like you to put in the Monitor. If anybody has a Braille Baby Ben alarm clock with two winding keys that they would sell me, I would like to hear from them. They don't make such clocks anymore." If you want to follow up on this, contact: Edgar P. Sammons, Route 1, Box 1840, Mountain City, Tennessee 37633.

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

A tandem bicycle tour of Europe is planned for the blind this summer. The dates are July 19 through August 1, 1986. The estimated cost is $1,595 from New York. For information write or call: International Bicycle Tour, Inc., 12 Mid Place, Chappaqua, New York 10514, 914-238-4576.

** Organized:
We are proud to announce the formation of the Hartsville Chapter of the NFB of South Carolina. Hartsville becomes the twenty-sixth chapter in the state. Don and Betty Capps spent two days in the Hartsville area and found blind citizens to be very receptive. On Saturday evening, March 15, the organizational banquet was held. The officers are: President, W.P. Stogner; Vice President, Anthony Tidwell; Secretary, Diane Mose; Treasurer, Rachael Helms; and Social Director, Belle Finley.