Dialysis at National Convention

                        by Ed Bryant
     From the Editor: Ed Bryant is First Vice President of

the Diabetes Action Network, the diabetics division of the

National Federation of the Blind. Here is very important

information for anyone planning to attend the convention and

needing dialysis during that busy week:
     During this year's annual convention in New Orleans,

Louisiana (Sunday, June 29, through Saturday, July 5),

dialysis will be available. Those requiring dialysis must

have a transient patient packet and completed physician's

statement prior to treatment. Conventioneers should have

their unit contact the desired location in the New Orleans

area for instructions.
     Individuals will be responsible for and must pay prior

to each treatment the approximately $30 not covered by

Medicare plus any additional physician's fees.
     Dialysis centers should set up transient dialysis

locations at least three months in advance. This helps

assure a location for anyone wanting to dialyze. New Orleans

is a popular tourist destination, and in July the city is

very busy. Here are some dialysis locations:

 Saint Charles Dialysis, 3600 Prytania, Suite 83, New

     Orleans, Louisiana 70115; telephone: (504) 895-3992.

     About ten minutes by taxi from the convention hotel.
 Uptown Dialysis has two locations. A: Truro Hospital, on

     Foucher Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115. Social

     Worker is Mary Wendt; contact her for information about

     either Uptown Dialysis facility. B: Uptown Dialysis,

     3434 Prytania Street, Room 200, New Orleans, Louisiana

     70115. Use the same phone, 504-897-7946, for both. Both

     locations are about ten minutes from the hotel.
 BMA New Orleans, 2000 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans,

     Louisiana 70112; telephone: (504) 581-6363. For further

     information contact Jennifer Wallace, administrator, at

     (504) 455-5535. About ten minutes from the hotel.
 DCI of New Orleans, 1400 Canal Street, New Orleans,

     Louisiana 70112; telephone: (504) 593-9895. Although

     DCI reports itself full now, they may well have a

     cancellation. About ten minutes from the hotel.
 Napoleon Dialysis, 2817 Napoleon Avenue, New Orleans,

     Louisiana 70115; telephone: (504) 891-8176. About

     fifteen minutes from the hotel.


     If scheduling assistance is needed, contact Diabetes

Action Network First Vice President Ed Bryant at (573)

875-8911. See you in New Orleans!