Monitor Miniatures
One More Convention Tour:

     Louisiana Coach Services is offering a special tour to

the Casino Magic in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, at the 1997

National Convention. On Thursday, July 3, at 1:00 p.m. a bus

will take all interested convention attendees to Bay St.

Louis, Mississippi, (about one hour from New Orleans) to the

Casino Magic. The bus ride is free, and the group will have

five hours to gamble on board one of the great gambling

casinos in Mississippi on the Gulf of Mexico. This tour also

features a free buffet on board ship. The bus will return to

the hotel at 9:00 p.m. If interested in participating in

this gambling excursion to a boat anchored on the Gulf of

Mexico, please contact Suzie Yost after 6:00 p.m. CDT at

(504) 488-3888.
[PHOTO/CAPTION: From left to right Joel Perez Ortiz, NFB of

Puerto Rico member; Jos‚ Rodriquez, affiliate Board of

Directors member; Alpidio Rolon, NFB of Puerto Rico

President; Vanessa Torres, the bride; Toms Cintron, groom

and Secretary of the NFB of Puerto Rico; Lydia Usero, NFB-PR

First Vice President; Vanessa Delgado, affiliate Treasurer;

and Carmin Brigantti, NFB-PR Second Vice President]

Wedding Bells:

     We are delighted to report that on December 14, 1996,

Toms Cintron, Secretary of the NFB of Puerto Rico, and

Vanessa Torres, a member of the affiliate, were married in

San Germn, Puerto Rico. The ceremony and celebration that

followed were shared by many Federationists as demonstrated

by the accompanying photograph. Congratulations to the

newlyweds. May their life together be long, joyous, and

filled with Federation activity.
New Travel Agent:

     We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

     Lelar Gravatt, a Federationist from Idaho, reports that

despite the discouragement of naysayers she has opened her

own business as a travel agent. She is prepared to offer

itineraries and travel information in Braille or on cassette

tape to blind travelers interested in receiving such

information in alternative format. For more information

contact Lelar Gravatt, Your Travel Consultant, 227 East

South Fifth Street, Grangeville, Idaho 83530-2119, (208)

For Sale:

     We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

     One Optacon II, which has barely been used and works

like new. I am asking $1,500 or best offer. Contact Leah

Zamora at (305) 362-1219.
Free Large-Print Megilas Esther and Haggadah Available:

     We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

     The Jewish Heritage for the Blind is pleased to

announce that the large-print Megilas Esther is available to

individuals who have difficulty reading regular print. As in

past years, they will make available a large-print Haggadah

as well. Forward your request, along with a copy of a letter

from your eye care specialist indicating your condition, to

the Jewish Heritage for the Blind, Department of Large Print

Publications, 1655 East 24th Street, Brooklyn, New York

11229. Fax your order to (718) 338-0653 or call (718) 601-

For Sale:

     We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

     IBM DOS Screen Reader package, including Braille

manuals and two keypads (one for use with a pentium and the

other for a 386 or 486 computer). Best offer. Also DECtalk

external speech synthesizer, $900. Call Cheryl Fischer at

(216) 721-4853, day or evening.
IBM Braille Writer Wanted:

     We recently received the following request:

     I would like to purchase an IBM Braille writer, which

(unlike the Perkins with only six keys) has a standard

keyboard which anyone could use without knowing Braille.

Contact Mrs. Ina Mae Enzor, 308 Power Street, Cumberland,

Kentucky 40823.
New Chapter:

     On Thursday, March 20, 1997, the fifty-sixth chapter of

the NFB of South Carolina was established. The Easley

Chapter's new officers are Ann Hall, President; Joyce Scott,

Vice President; Karl Burns, Secretary; and Diane Camp,


     The Clark County Chapter of the National Federation of

the Blind of Washington held its annual election on December

21, 1996. We recently received notice of the new officers.

They are Kaye Kipp, President; Mike Freeman, Vice President;

Alco Canfield, Secretary; and Nancy Martin, Treasurer.
New Internet Group Discussion List for Lawyers:

     The National Association of Blind Lawyers, a division

of the National Federation of the Blind, has established a

list serv on the Internet. The purpose of this list serv is

to provide a medium through which blind lawyers, legal

professionals, and other interested people can share

information about the law and related topics. Even though

the list serv is in its infancy, a number of interesting

messages have already been transmitted through the virtual

ether of the Internet. Questions about White Cane laws, ADA

cases, and blind lawyers trying to do their jobs on terms of

equality have already been hot items for discussion. The

list serv allows us to share information and news with each

other almost instantaneously. 

     Anyone with a computer and an e-mail account can join

the list. There is absolutely no cost. The service is

sponsored by the National Association of Blind Lawyers and

the National Federation of the Blind.

     To join the list, send an e-mail message to

"" (Leave out the quotation marks and

the second period.) When you send the message, leave the

subject line blank, and in the body of the message type

"subscribe blindlaw"--again without the quotes. Within a few

minutes you should receive a return message confirming that

you are on the list. Then you will start to receive all the

messages written by list members throughout the nation and

the world. Feel free to respond to the messages and join the

fray as legal beagles hash out the hot legal issues of the

day. We hope to see you on the list soon.

     You can also find older messages from the list on NFB

NET, the official bulletin board system of the NFB. The

messages can be found in Message Area 8. You can reach NFB

NET on the Internet by Telneting to or by calling

(612) 696-1975 using your modem.

     If you have further questions, contact Scott LaBarre,

President, National Association of Blind Lawyers, 1830 South

Acoma Street, Denver, Colorado, 80223, (303) 778-1130,

[PHOTO/CAPTION: Richard Edlund Receives the Distinguished

Service Award from Kevin Gillmore, President of the Kansas

State Board of Education.]


     We recently learned that the Board of Directors and

staff of Accessible Arts, Inc., and the Kansas State Board

of Education honored Richard Edlund, Member of the NFB Board

of Directors, as a recipient of a 1996 Distinguished Service

Award. The presentation was made Wednesday, March 12, 1997,

at the Kansas State School for the Blind in Kansas City,

Braille Publication for Diabetics Available:

     We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

     Exchange Lists for Meal Planning, published by the

American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic

Association, is available in Braille. The publication

contains exchange lists, nutrition guidance, tips for

selecting appropriate foods, a glossary, and an index. The

Braille edition is eighty-two pages in length and costs $10.

Contact Louis Braille Center, 320 Dayton Street, Suite 125,

Edmonds, Washington 98020-3590, (206) 776-4042.
Baseball Computer Game Update Available:

     We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

     Version Eleven of the award-winning World Series

Baseball Game and Information System is now available. The

game is being played in forty-eight states on IBM-compatible

computers with screen readers and synthesizers. As manager

in the game you have many offensive and defensive strategic

options available to you. Version Eleven comes with 160

teams, including the 1996 pennant winners and All-Star

teams. There are two baseball games and ten information

programs. There are many improvements, most suggested by

users of the game. Baseball action during the game is

described in the words of many of the famous radio and TV

announcers. The cost is still only $15 to new users, $5 for

updates for old users. Send your check to Harry

Hollingsworth, 692 S. Sheraton Drive, Akron, Ohio 44319,

(330) 644-2421.
PHOTO/CAPTION: Betty Niceley]

Betty Niceley Elected Vice Chairperson of BANA:

     In a March 1, 1997, press release the Braille Authority

of North America (BANA) announced that Betty Niceley, Member

of the Board of Directors of the National Federation of the

Blind and the NFB's representative to BANA, was elected Vice

Chairperson at its annual meeting in the fall of 1996.

     Kenny Johnson, Secretary of the San Fernando Chapter of

the National Federation of the Blind of California, reports

the results of the chapter's January 11 election. The new

officers are Robert Stigile, President; Joy Cardinet, Vice

President; Kenny Johnson, Secretary; Helen Barnstein,

Treasurer; and Don Burns, Board member.
Recorded Publications Available:

     We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

     Recorded Periodicals, a Division of Associated Services

for the Blind, announces the availability of subscriptions

to the following recorded periodicals:

Anthropology/Archeology, $36; Civil War Times Illustrated,

$28; Computers, $36; Computerworld, $36; Discover, $42;

Family Circle, $42; Forbes, $57; Harvard Men's Health Watch,

$36; Harvard Women's Health Watch, $36; Mac User, $36; Ms.

Magazine, $36; Organic Gardening, $36; Pennsylvania

Magazine, $28; Popular Mechanics, $36; Popular Science, $36;

Psychology Today, $30; Radio Digest, $36; Science News, $48;

Science and Medicine, $48; Scientific American, $48;

Skeptical Inquirer, $22; Smithsonian Magazine, $36; Stroke:

a Special Report, $16; Taste of Home Cooking Magazine, $28;

The Sensitive Gut: a Special Report, $16; Timely Topics

"TIME," $36; and Trains Magazine, $36.

     To receive any of these publications, send your request

to Recorded Periodicals, Associated Services for the Blind,

919 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107, or call

(215) 627-0600, extension 3208. You may pay with cash,

check, money order, VISA, or MasterCard.

     In its annual elections the Kankakee Heartland Chapter

of the National Federation of the Blind of Illinois elected

the following officers and Board members: Bill Isaacs,

President; Dan Boudreau, Vice President; Marjorie Stouffer,

Secretary; Ruth Isaacs, Treasurer; and Board members Eileen

Boudreau, Frank Richmond, and Marcia Beck.
Braille Transcription Service Available:

     We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

     I am Jolene Boshart and have been a member of the

Federation since 1978. I now own a Braille translation

company, called J. B. Translations. This is your opportunity

to get affordable, accurate Braille translation at $.45 per

Braille page, because I believe that blind people should

have access to Braille at an affordable rate. I have used

Braille all of my life and taught Braille for sixteen years.

I provide expert translation and will pay particular

attention to the layout of each Braille page. I can work

from print material as well as scanned text or text taken

directly from a disk. (Save all documents in an MS-DOS

format.) My English major enables me to provide minor

grammatical corrections and spell-checking, if desired.

     My company also offers custom typing, including

interviews, papers, and other manuscripts. Prices: $1.25 per

double-spaced page of regular print, $2 per single-spaced

page of regular print. Large-print materials are also

available at $.45 per page.

     Quick turn-around on materials. Discount pricing

available on quantity brailling or typing. 

     For further information contact J. B. Translations,

2019 S. 10th Street, Lincoln, NE 68502; phone: (402) 435-

Attention Blind Women Going to New Orleans:

     The Committee on the Status of Blind Women of the North

America/Caribbean Region of the World Blind Union has asked

us to conduct a focus group during the National Convention

discussing issues and challenges of socialization for blind

and visually impaired girls and young women. If you were

blind as a child or very young woman and would be interested

in taking part in this discussion, please consider

volunteering for this activity. The discussion will take

place at 9:00 p.m. Wednesday, July 2. Participants will be

asked to read a short paper beforehand. To express interest

in this project, contact Barbara Pierce at 237 Oak Street,

Oberlin, Ohio 44074-1517, or e-mail

Please indicate the format in which you prefer to receive

the paper--Braille, large print, or e-mail. Be sure to

include your postal or e-mail address.
Mississippi School for the Blind Reunion:

     Plans for a school reunion are underway for former

students, employees, and friends of the Mississippi School

for the Blind, which was located on Capers Avenue. This

celebration is scheduled to be held August 29 to August 31,

1997. All who are interested in participating in this

historic occasion should contact Gwendolyn Stokes as soon as

possible at (601) 982-7014. Her address is 987 Chastain

Drive, Jackson, Mississippi 39206. Please come and renew old

National Church Conference for the Blind:

     We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

     The 1997 National Church Conference of the Blind will

meet in Denver, Colorado, July 27 through 31. There will be

music, Bible study, seminars, and tours for your enjoyment.

For further information call (303) 789-7441 or write NCCB,

P.O. Box 163, Denver, Colorado 80201.
Brailler Repair Available:

     We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

     Is your Brailler getting a little sluggish? Whatever

the problem, let Alan Ackley recondition it. Trained at Howe

Press, he uses only factory parts. He has restored more than

1,500 Braillers from over forty states and Canada. He is a

certified transcriber. Fast turnaround, reasonable charges,

and all work guaranteed. Call (515) 288-3931 or e-mail to or just ship your anemic Brailler

to Ackley Appliance Service, 627 East 5th Street, Des

Moines, Iowa 50309.

     In the March, 1997, issue we published Lonnie and Gail

Wagner's notice of a home-based business opportunity with

telephone training and support and an audio-tape system for

beginners. The toll-free number listed was incorrect; the

correct number is (800) 927-2527, extension 02972. We regret

the error.
Attention VI Teachers:

     Teachers of the blind and visually impaired are

planning to get together during the 1997 convention and

share ideas, experiences, and friendship. If you are working

in this field or interested in doing so, listen for an

announcement of the time and place of this meeting.
Audio Cable Guide Available:

     We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

     An audio cable guide is available on four-track

cassette twenty-four times a year. Premium Cable Listings

gives up-to-date information concerning broadcast channels,

cable networks, and premium movie services as well as sports

information for regional sports networks. The guide is $28 a

year or $10 for a four-month trial subscription. Call (410)

391-9890 for more information, or send a check or money

order payable to Premium Cable Listings, 107 Cloverwood

Court, Baltimore, Maryland 21221.

     The NFB of Missouri held its annual convention April 11

to 13 in Springfield, Missouri. Officers elected were Gary

Wunder, President; Tom Stevens, First Vice President; Rita

Lynch, Second Vice President; Dick Morris, Recording

Secretary; Jim Moynihan, Corresponding Secretary; Carol

Coulter, Treasurer; and Debbie Houchen and Bill Neal, Board

For Sale:

     We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

     I have for sale a 1.44MB, 3.5-inch portable disk drive

for the Braille 'n Speak and Braille Lite series. This drive

is only for the Blazie notetakers mentioned. Brand new these

drives cost $600; asking $250 plus shipping and handling.

Contact Isaac Obie, 755 Tremont Street, Boston,

Massachusetts 02118, or call (617) 247-0026, e-mail:
Recorded Tutorial on Searching the Net Now Available:

     We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

     "Top Netsearch Guide: How to Find What You Want to Find

on the Internet" is now available. This recorded tutorial

teaches how best to use AltaVista, the most comprehensive

index to the World Wide Web, how to use Yahoo and other

important directories of Internet resources, how and why to

search Usenet using AltaVista and DejaNews, how to find

information on a wide variety of topics of broad interest,

and how to accomplish all these things using e-mail. The

tutorial comes in two- and four-track versions and with a

supplemental disk containing an html file of pointers to the

resources discussed and other files of interest. Prices are

as follows: the four-track version, $19.50; the two-track

version, $22.50. Add $2 shipping for either version. Contact

Dean Martineau at Top Dot Enterprises,,

(425) 335-4894, 8930 11th Place SE, Everett, Washington

98205, Deamar's Domain:

     Also be sure to ask about tutorials for Windows 95,

which may now be available.


     Noel Nightingale writes to report that in February Mark

Noble, Second Vice President of the Greater Seattle Chapter

and member of the Board of Directors of the NFB of

Washington, was elected to chair the Advisory Council to the

Washington State Department of Services for the Blind.
[PHOTO/CAPTION: Lucy Carpenter, 1918 to 1997]

In Memoriam:

     We are saddened to report the death on March 30 of Lucy

Carpenter, President of the Eastern Orange Chapter of the

NFB of New York. Lucy and Dick Carpenter founded the chapter

in 1975, and they were chapter leaders from then on. Dick

died in 1991. Lucy will be deeply missed.
Tae Kwon-do Jungtion Self-Defense Seminar:

     NFB New Yorkers in action! Join Marie and Rodney

Kouthoofd at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 1, and benefit from

their extensive experience in the martial arts. This

convention seminar will be a hands-on, practical, step-by-

step self-defense class for anyone eighteen or older.

Accompanying Rodney and Marie will be assistant instructors

Pam Whaley and Steve Winner. Together we will discuss issues

pertinent to self-defense instruction in basic techniques

using cane skills as well as a confident attitude and

awareness. Our goal? to prepare you for situations that may

arise in an attack. Registration, $10. If you have

questions, call Rodney or Marie at (716) 234-0654 or (716)

392-3826. No prior experience necessary. Join the fun;

you'll get a kick out of it.