Monitor Miniatures

Attention Artists:

Attention all artists: At this year's convention in Dallas, Thomas Barretta is organizing the 1998 National Federation of the Blind Artists' Exhibit. It will take place on Sunday, July 5, and Monday, July 6, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Setup for the art exhibit will be Saturday, July 4, from noon to 4:30 p.m. If you are interested in displaying your art, please contact Tom immediately at (860) 582-6703.

Braille Tutoring Project:

Gintautis Burba writes to say that, under the auspices of the Greater Brockton Chapter of the NFB of Massachusetts, a Braille tutoring project has recently begun. Braille is being taught weekly or bi-weekly at the meeting hall of the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Saturday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to noon. For more information about learning Braille or about this project, contact James Daley, project coordinator, 416 Ashland Street, Brockton, Massachusetts 02402, (508) 559-6532.

Making Money at Home:

Bruce Brooks has asked us to carry the following announcement:

Make money in your spare time. A list of over 100 ways to make money at home is available for $2. No experience needed to use this information. Send $2 and a self-addressed stamped envelope to Work at Home, 135 Sherri Lane, Boyce, Louisiana 71419.

Music Instruction Tapes Available:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

A new guitar course just for the visually impaired has been

released. The all-cassette course (nothing to see or read) was

created by Bill Brown, who has been teaching guitar for over

twenty-five years. The cost is $34.95, which includes shipping

and access to a tuning hot-line in case the student needs help

tuning his or her guitar. After completing the course, the

student will know the basic chords in first position, the most

commonly used rhythm patterns for these chords, several songs

using these chords and patterns, the names of the notes on the

strings, and several songs using these notes. The student will

also be able to access the entire Guitar-by-Ear library of guitar


For all of you piano players, Valdosta Music and Publishing has also released eight piano instructional cassettes for the blind or visually impaired. These tapes use no written music, so they are perfect for any pianist who cannot read music. The only pre-requisite is that the student know the names of the notes on the piano and the location of middle C on the piano. Current titles are "The Old Rugged Cross," the theme from "Love Story," "F=81r Elise," "Moonlight Sonata," blues and boogie styles, "Georgia on My Mind," "Anniversary Waltz," and "Silent Night." Each title is $10 plus $3.50 shipping and handling per order. For more information or to place an order contact Bill Brown, 704 Habersham Road, Valdosta, Georgia 31602, (912) 249-0628.


During its annual election on Saturday, April 4, 1998, the Kankakee Heartland Chapter of the NFB of Illinois chose the following officers: Bill Isaacs, President; Dan Boudreau, Vice President; Marjorie Stouffer, Secretary; Ruth Isaacs, Treasurer; and Marcia Beck, Alice Jordan, and David Richmond, Board Members.

1998 Baseball Computer Game Now Available:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

Version 12 of the award-winning World Series Baseball Game

and Information System is now available. The game is being played

in forty-eight states on IBM-compatible computers with screen

readers and synthesizers. Version 12 comes with 139 teams,

including the 1997 pennant winners and all-star teams. There are

two baseball games, nine information programs, and a 1,000-

question quiz. There are many improvements, most suggested by

users of the game. Baseball action during the game is described

in the words of many of the famous radio and TV announcers. The

cost is still only $15 to new users, $5 for updates. Send your

check to Harry Hollingsworth, 692 S. Sheraton Drive, Akron, Ohio

44319 or call (330) 644-2421, e-mail: <>

Pen Pals Wanted:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

Reola T. Jarrett of 825 East Belmont Avenue, Flint, Michigan 48503, requests pen pals. Reola is deaf-blind, sixty years old, and interested in cooking. Although she is presently in Flint, she hopes one day to be able to take up farming. She prefers letters in Braille, please.


The Tennessee Blind Merchants Division recently elected the following officers: Kim Williams, President; Susan Barnes, First Vice President; Norman Bolton, Second Vice President; Chris Moore, Secretary; and Rick Williams, Treasurer.

Old Braille Watches Wanted:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

If you have an old Braille watch, intact but no longer running, would you consider giving it to a blind child? Send watches to Lydia Schuck, 1981 Eden Road, Mason, Michigan 48854-9255. Lydia, the mother of a blind child, will mail the watches to blind children.

New Products from APH:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

The Braille Connection is a Braille reading and writing program for former print users designed to teach former adult and teenage print readers how to read Braille and how to adapt it to their lives. The result of a joint collaboration of APH and the National Federation of the Blind, this instructional program is designed to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of each individual student. It moves quickly through tactile discrimination to Grade I Braille and then to Grade II. The program is designed to be used under the supervision of a qualified Braille teacher. The materials include instructional and mentoring guides. Call APH for a complete description. The Braille Connection Kit costs $129 (print) and $149 (Braille). This includes the Teacher's Edition, $40 (print), $60 (Braille);

Workbook, $14.50 (print) $25 (Braille); Student Practice Book, $16 (print) $18 (Braille); and Mentoring Manual, $7.50 (print and Braille).

The American Printing House for the Blind (APH) sells the following new products: Basic Tactile Anatomy Atlas. This new two-volume set of thermoform graphics aids blind and visually impaired students twelve and up in studying the human body. The Basic Tactile Anatomy Atlas is taken from a larger set of anatomy tactile graphics designed at the State University of New York at Buffalo for college-level study. With the permission of the authors, Drs. Judith Tamburlin and Charles Severin, many of the more technical drawings were omitted and the text simplified to make this set accessible to a wider school audience. Volume I includes illustrations of the skeletal, muscular, nervous, and endocrine systems. Volume II illustrates the structures of the cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems. Each tactile diagram has Braille and print labels accompanied by a brief Braille description found on the page facing the illustration. A print version of each Brailled text is contained in the included instructional text. The cost is $105.

Money Handling and Budgeting is a resource guide with an adapted practice checkbook that helps adolescents or young adults learn money-handling skills. It is a collection of techniques and resources for teaching blind or visually impaired people (eleven and up) the skills to manage money in daily life. This guide (available in large print and Braille) is based on the premise that daily living skills must be learned in natural settings and with real-life applications whenever possible. The cost is $28 for either print or Braille.

Pairs of tough dark royal blue or clear frosted plastic covers, measuring 11-3/4 by 11 inches, are available to bind 11- by 11 inch Braille pages. They are 19-hole punched and may be bound with a 19-ring comb binding or twin loop binding. They will bind tractor-feed, manila, or Brailon 19-hole papers available from APH.

There is no minimum quantity requirement, and each set costs $1.40. For more information or to place an order, contact APH, Inc., 1839 Frankfort Avenue, P.O. Box 6085, Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085, (800) 223-1839, (502) 895-2405, or e-mail:

<>; Web site: <>

New Catalog Available:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

Give the gift that says something. Speak to Me premieres in its Spring/Summer '98 catalog a generous selection of Christmas gifts and decorations for the early Christmas shopper. Items include a new 50-minute personal note recorder, a voice-recognition cordless phone, a talking heart-rate monitor, and a new caller I.D. box that works with call-waiting. In addition, we have many new children's items from cuddly teddy bears to educational toys (pre-school and up). We also have talking key chains, spatulas, magnets, theme mugs; unique music boxes and musical watches; etc. To request your free catalog, contact Speak to Me, 17913 108th Avenue, S.E. Suite 155, Renton, Washington 98055, (800) 248-9965, fax (206) 227-4892, e-mail:


Talking Book Marker:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

Ever fall asleep while listening to a cassette book and have a hard time finding your place the next morning? The Talking Book Marker plugs into a jack near the headphone jack of your cassette player. You hold the switch down while listening to the tape. When your grip relaxes as you fall asleep, the switch releases and the Talking Book stops, marking your place. The cost is $27.95, including shipping. For more information or to place an order, contact Jim Daily, 835 Emma Street, Butte, Montana 59701, (406) 782-2202.

Photo of Angela Curvin

Angela Curvin

In Memoriam:

Allen Harris, President of the NFB of Michigan, sadly reports the death of Angela Curvin on April 6, 1998. Angela was fifty-one at the time of her death from cardiac arrest. She had been an active member of the NFB for over twenty-five years. She participated in several Washington Seminars and held positions on the Board of Directors of both the Detroit chapter and the state affiliate. She will truly be missed.

Low-Vision Adaptive Products Store:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

Elliot Schreier, former director of the American Foundation for the Blind's National Technology Center, opened a new store called Magnify It, the Low Vision Center, in White Plains, New York. The store is open to the public and carries magnifiers, daily living aids, closed-circuit televisions, and personal computer systems. For more information contact Magnify It, (914)

289-0909, or e-mail: <>

Business Opportunity:

Kenneth Jones, Treasurer of the NFB of Kentucky, has asked us to carry the following:

I have found the perfect business in the telecommunications industry in which I am my own boss and can work in my spare time. I am currently a full-time teacher and wrestling coach, so flexibility is essential. The business has no inventory, no deliveries, and no collections. But, most important, you can run it from your home. You can earn immediate and residual income. For information about this opportunity call me at (502) 456-4806, or toll-free (888) 901-5639.

Business Opportunities in Piano-Tuning Technology:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

If you would like to make a living doing a variety of jobs, working in a variety of places, meeting all kinds of interesting people, and being well paid for it, piano-tuning technology is the career for you. The Emil Fries School of Piano Tuning and Technology has been training visually impaired people for nearly fifty years. The school was established in 1949 and has prepared hundreds for a career with financial independence and personal fulfillment.

In this training program you will work in an actual piano store and repair-shop environment. You will learn alongside other students, sighted and blind, developing respect for each other's abilities.

Those interested are invited to attend the newly organized NFB Piano Tuners Division at the National Convention at 8:00 p.m., Monday, July 6, 1998. Check your Convention agenda for location. Current catalogs in Braille and on disk will be available shortly.

To learn more about this business opportunity, contact Emil Fries School of Piano Tuning and Technology, 2510 E. Evergreen Boulevard, Vancouver, Washington 98661, (360) 696-1985, fax, (360) 693-6891, e-mail: <>; Web site <>.


I pledge to participate actively in the effort of the National Federation of the Blind to achieve equality, opportunity, and security for the blind; to support the policies and programs of the Federation; and to abide by its constitution.