Picture of three UPS employees.
Three UPS executives: (left to right) Jim

Liggett, Employee Relations Manager; Mel Smith, Human Relations

Manager, Baltimore District; and Ron Foster, Vice President for

Public Affairs

                         Abilities Count


     From the Editor: The following excerpt is part of an article

that appeared in the October, 1998, issue of Inside UPS, a

publication of the United Parcel Service. We reprint the portion

devoted to the National Federation of the Blind's JOB Program.

Here it is:


                  The Challenge Was Before Them
     All that stood between the National Federation of the Blind

and a much-needed $500,000 grant from the Department of Labor was

a corporate sponsor willing to consider hiring qualified blind

candidates. The question was what corporation would be the first

to step up to the plate and make such a commitment?
     Failure, at least according to Dr. Betsy Zaborowski,

Federation Director of Special Programs, was not an option. The

Federation aimed to recruit "job ready" blind individuals from

across the country and provide them with additional training in

adaptive technology, enabling them to be fully integrated into

the work force.
     "There's no doubt in my mind," Dr Zaborowski emphasizes,

"that through technology and training, blindness can be reduced

to a mere inconvenience."
     Nor was there doubt in the minds of UPS people who agreed

wholeheartedly to support the Federation's efforts and identify

job opportunities, guaranteeing grant approval. "We're pretty

excited about the possibilities," she says.
     UPS is no less excited. Its partnership with the Federation

of the Blind isn't just a one-time gesture of kindness, but part

of the company's ongoing commitment to ensuring diversity among

its work force. "We've tried to get away from the thought process

of limitations," comments Fred Fernandez, UPS Director of Equal

Opportunity and Diversity. "UPS prefers focusing on abilities,

the skill sets individuals bring to the table, instead of



                         A Clear Message
     Fred believes that focusing on abilities has helped

employees of all ages, races, and abilities work better together.

"When people realize what they can accomplish when they work

together, I think they learn not only to value themselves more

but to value others. I think our policies regarding diversity

also send a clear message that opportunity exists for every UPS