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Yasmin Reyazuddin
Rockville, Maryland

July 31, 2009

Dear President Obama:

Books are like seeds of knowledge planted when we read them. When I was little, I loved reading books. I read books at all hours of the day. I could see, and reading gave me much pleasure. At the age of eleven, when I started losing my sight, reading became a challenge for me. I could not get information or knowledge because I had lost all my sight and could not read.

I learned Braille at the age of fifteen, and I started going to the school for the blind. At this time I was living in India, and I had to learn both the English Braille and Hindi Braille codes. I finished my education in school and college by using Braille. When I came to the United States, I had no problem getting more education since I knew one important skill. I knew Braille.

At my work I have many books and notebooks with information in Braille. One time someone told me that they had never seen so much Braille in an office. When I answer the calls at work, I can read my information in Braille. If there is a power outage in the building, all of my coworkers have difficulty finding information. They use computers and need light to read the information. I have assisted them with resources because I use Braille.

Braille gives me independence for doing my job successfully. I can be productive just like others because of Braille. The seed of knowledge found in Braille will grow into a tall tree of information for all.

Yasmin Reyazuddin