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Roger Beekman
North Brunswick, New Jersey

August 28, 2009

Dear President Obama:

I am totally blind, and I am writing to you regarding the use of Braille. I began learning Braille in first grade at the age of seven in public school. I now hold a master's degree in physics, and Braille was a vital tool throughout my studies. Trying to work with mathematical and scientific material in a recorded format is awkward at best. When I did work with such recorded materials, I had to transcribe the formulas into Braille before I could begin to study. I am sure it would have been more difficult for me if I hadn't learned Braille early in life.

Braille is for blind people what print is for sighted people. Only 10 percent of blind children are now learning Braille. What would this country be like if only 10 percent of the overall population were literate? I urge you to consider all this and to support the increased use of Braille. Braille is beautiful.

Respectfully yours,
Roger Beekman