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David Stayer
Merrick, New York

August 27, 2009

Dear President Obama:

I am a totally blind sixty-nine-year-old retired licensed clinical social worker. I have other characteristics, but they are not germaine to the purpose of my letter. I grew up before the advent of computers, PDAs, and other current technology. As a totally blind youngster I was taught Braille. Braille has assisted or rather enhanced my life to this day. I have read the classics, taken notes all the way through graduate school, and used Braille while working for thirty-seven years. I do have some adaptive technology, but it is Braille that keeps me literate. I have nine sighted grandchildren, and it is Braille that allows me to read to them. Without Braille I would have had a wasted life.

Many ask me, what about audio or people reading to you? My response is simple. Braille allows my fingertips and imagination to broaden the horizons of my mind. Thank you for reading my letter.

David Stayer