Future Reflections September- December 1983, Vol. 2 No. 5

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Growth of a magazine means increased costs, and the dramatic growth we've experienced has meant a dramatic jump in expenses. The National Federation of the Blind is committed to doing all that we can to directly help blind children and their parents, but we also have other activities and services (all of which indirectly benefit our children) that we must promote and support. For example, we have just expanded our scholarship program. We now offer 12 scholarships (who knows, your child may someday be the recipient of one of them). We are putting our resources and efforts behind passage of "minimum wages for the blind" legislation. Our success or failure (and we mean to succeed!) could mean all the difference in your childs future ability to support him/herself in a decent, respectable manner.

With those considerations, we decided to request a nominal subscription fee. Because institutions usually have funds for this purpose, we will continue to request a $15.00 per year fee from them. To all others, we are asking for $3.00 per year. As you may guess, $3.00 per year does not cover the cost of publishing and distributing FUTURE REFLECTIONS (we wanted to keep the fee low enough so that anyone could afford it), but it will help. It also means that we still need your donations, or Associate Memberships. We appreciate so much the donations we have received, and hope that others will do likewise.

We also want to stress that this is a subscription fee only. You do not have to join the National Federation of the Blind, or any of its affiliates or divisions, to receive this, or any, publication of the National Federation of the Blind. Until recently, this had been pretty much the practice of all national organizations of and for the blind.

However, there is now a national parents group that requires membership before you can receive their newsletter. We find that distressing. We believe information about blindness should be available to all -- without strings -- and that membership should be a meaningful choice to support an organization you believe in, not merely a way to get information otherwise denied to you.

We believe our organization is worth joining and supporting, but we will not require it, or pressure anyone into it by withholding information that can be valuable to them.

If you are interested in joining, or making a donation to the NFB, you should know that the NFB is a nonprofit organization (which means your contribution is tax-deductible) and is principally funded by contributions from the public. The money is used to educate the public about blindness; to promote better educational and job opportunities for the blind; to protect the rights of blind individuals through court action, or whatever means is appropriate; to award scholarships to worthy blind students; and to support many other activities and programs that will help achieve the goals of security, equality and opportunity for the blind. Your contribution and/or membership will do much to help us achieve those goals.

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