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Alabama Seminar for Parents,
Teachers, and Children

Games *  Educational Materials  *  Technology

In conjunction with the state convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Alabama the Parents of Blind Children in Alabama (POBC-AL) is presenting an afternoon workshop for parents, teachers, and children.

Date/Time:        Friday, March 5, 2004, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Location:          Holiday Inn Airport hotel, Birmingham, Alabama


Games—See samples of off-the-shelf games and adaptations, Internet games for the computer, and homemade games. Learn about techniques for children who have no vision or low vision so all may enjoy and play together. Presented by Mrs. Daphne Johnson, POBC-AL Chairperson.

Materials—Learn about educational materials: products for reading, writing, math, and

science; and adaptive P.E. equipment. Presented by Mrs. Teresa Lacy, Director of the Alabama Instructional Resource Center for the Blind.

Technology—See and learn about low-vision and blindness high-tech products. Listen to a

discussion of methods for selecting the right technology for individual purposes. Presented by Mr. Steven Sullivan, Technology Specialist for the Blind, Mobile Regional Center for the Blind.

Cost:  The afternoon workshop is FREE. National Federation of the Blind of Alabama state
convention fee is $30. This includes all workshops, technology exhibit hall admission,
Friday evening reception, and Saturday afternoon luncheon.

For more information go to <http://www.nfbofalabama.org> or call Mrs. Daphne Johnson at (256) 287-1056.

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