Future Reflections Special Issue, Vol. 14 No. 2



by Doris M. Willoughby

[PICTURE] Niki and Hailee use their canes when they run races at playtime.

[PICTURE] Jeremy uses his cane to find the climbing bars on the playground. He will put it down while he climbs. When he is done he will pick it up and use it to find the swings.

It's fun to go out on the playground. What do you like best at recess?

People like to do different things at different times. Here are some things to do. Maybe some of them are new to you. Try them! Do you like to climb? Maybe you have a Jungle Gym or Monkey Bars or Magic Castle. Have you climbed on all of the climbing things on your playground? Don't just stay in the place you like best. Climb on different things. Start in different places.

Do you have swings and slides? Have you been on every one? Maybe some of them are not the same.

Walk all around the playground and find out what is there. Maybe there is something there you never knew about. Maybe there is another Jungle Gym. How far is it around the whole playground? Make a map.

Jump rope. There are lots of ways to jump rope, with other people and by yourself. Also try things like the Skip-It. You put it on one ankle and make it go around for you to jump over.

Throw and catch balls and frisbees. Do you like the ones that make sounds? There are lots of different kinds. It's fun to play with a partner or a group but you can play alone, too. Throw the beeping Frisbee, listen, and go get it.

Bring a toy from home. Maybe you have toy cars or toy animals. Maybe you have little action figures (toy men or women). Walk around on tin-can "stilts."

Play Follow the Leader. Get a few other boys and girls and take turns leading the group around. Everybody has to do what the leader does. You can be kind of silly. Walk with your hand on your head for awhile. Walk bent over for awhile. Walk over to the school building and say, "Hello, school! How are you?" Each time the leader starts something new he or she should tell it out loud so that everybody knows what to do.

Play tag. If the person who is "It" always shakes a jar of pebbles, you will all know where "It" is without needing to see with your eyes.

Do you have snow where you live? Maybe you can bring a sled or a plastic saucer for sliding. Build snow people and snow castles. Climb on a pile of snow. Slide on ice. Just walking around the playground can be fun in the snow.

Make sure you know the rules for your playground before you do something new. Different schools have different things and different rules.