Future Reflections                                                                                         Summer/Fall 2005

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2004-2005 Braille Readers Are Leaders Annual Contest Winners

The Top ten award winners in each category (see below) received $25, a special t-shirt, and a special certificate. Congratulations to all!

Tamilah Alexander, ungraded, New Jersey, 2,313 pages
Christian Turner, grade 5, Oregon, 897 pages
Billy Anderson, grade 6, California, 800 pages
Ryan Noblett, grade 2, South Carolina, 374 pages
Josh McInnish, grade 5, Alabama, 231 pages
Lyndon Dunbar, grade 11, Louisiana, 215 pages
Brittany Savage, grade 8, Virginia, 136 pages
Bria Franks, grade 4, Missouri, 135 pages
Craig Alexander, grade 8, Louisiana, 114 pages
Tyler Melone, grade 3, California, 110 pages

Grades Kindergarten-1
Merlyn Hileman, California, 11,420 pages
Nathan Stocking, Minnesota, 2,524 pages
Emily Brown, Iowa, 1,327 pages
Matthew Shifrin, Massachusetts, 896 pages
Mary Elizabeth Goodin, North Carolina, 874 pages
Christopher Rogers, Pennsylvania, 446 pages
Lucas Sanders, Virginia, 261 pages
Yesenia Carpio, Arizona, 172 pages
Danielle Cowan, New York, 124 pages
Justin Hedges, Kentucky, 120 pages

Grades 2-3
Vejas Vasiliauskas, California, 12,315 pages
Kelcey Schlichting, Missouri, 10,124 pages
Marché Daughtry, Virginia, 4,306 pages
Christopher Palmieri, Connecticut, 4,206 pages
Lucas Leiby, Pennsylvania, 2,493 pages
Amal Momani, South Carolina, 2,408 pages
Jessica Ruff, Idaho, 2,037 pages
Annabelle Costanzo, Iowa, 2,014 pages
Thomas Pelletier, Connecticut, 1,976 pages
John Johnson, Oregon, 1,799 pages

Grades 4-5
Joshua Gregory, Maryland, 7,905 pages
David Jones, Wisconsin, 7,835 pages
Morgan Budreau, Minnesota, 6,086 pages
Paige Tuttle, Kansas, 5,892 pages
Marisa Parker, Massachusetts, 4,919 pages
Greg Botting, Michigan, 4,489 pages
Lauren Beyer, Montana, 3,527 pages
Curtis Boatright, California, 3,438 pages
Kelsi Watters, Wisconsin, 2,782 pages
Robert Townsend, Kentucky, 1,692 pages

Grades 6-8
Lindsay Upschulte, Illinois, 13,818 pages
Tyler Kavanaugh, Kansas, 13,642 pages
Jonathan Wong, California, 12,248 pages
Kurt Elliot, Missouri, 7,965 pages
Anna Miller, South Carolina, 5,572 pages
Jenny Kellerman, South Carolina 5,444 pages
Jennifer Wing-Proctor, Michigan, 4,167 pages
Macy McClain, Ohio, 3,933 pages
Justin Hart, Missouri, 3,921 pages
Karen Arcos, California, 3,685 pages

Grades 9-12
Jetzy Franco, Oregon, 12,221 pages
Keao Wright, Hawaii, 10,426 pages
Albano Berberi, Massachusetts, 9,778 pages
Evelyn Carballo, California, 8,297 page
Jennifer Hyams, Kentucky, 7,168 pages
Alexis Tamayo, Arizona, 6,158 pages
Amanda Stogsdill, Missouri, 4,027 pages
Alyssa Perez, Arizona, 3,719 pages
Rick Sankey, Arizona, 3,704 pages
Alonza Harris, Jr., Virginia, 3,585 pages

Most Improved
Rhonda Cruz, ungraded, California
Jonathon McCarty, grade 4, Kentucky
Amy Green, ungraded, California
Jessica Van Bruggen, grade 5, Kentucky
Shaquane Jordan, ungraded, California
Amanda Simmons, grade 12, Arizona
Danny Price, ungraded, Maryland
Angela Vasquez, ungraded, California
Destiny DiMattei, ungraded, Maryland
Dalton Novince, grade 7, Kentucky

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