Future Reflections  Convention Report 2006

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Fast Forward to the Future Schedule of the NOPBC Events for Families and Teachers of Blind Children at the 2007 NFB Convention

Kishawn Hoover (TN) at the 2006 car show sponsored by the NFB CARs division. The NOPBC will collaborate with the CARs division to put on a special kid-friendly “What You Auto Know” event at the 2007 convention.Anticipating the future is part of the task of parents everywhere. This is especially essential in a modern world where rapid advancements in technology change the way we live. Impossible as it may seem, preparing children to live in a world that currently does not exist is still as much a function of parenthood in the modern world as it was in the stone age. For parents of blind children, this can be a daunting task. But the National Federation of the Blind can help. The NOPBC is collaborating with the twenty-five special interest divisions of the NFB to make the 2007 convention a chance for parents to anticipate a future full of hope and opportunity for their children.

The NFB divisions represent the diversity of possibilities for the blind in careers, hobbies, and all kinds of human pursuits. We have a division for enthusiasts in each of the following fields: recreation and sports, the performing arts, antique and classic cars, agriculture and equestrianism, travel and tourism, and Braille. There is a division for college students, diabetics, guide dog users, people in communities of faith, senior citizens, deaf-blind individuals, writers, and a Masonic Square Club division. And twelve other divisions represent specific careers: science and engineering, public employees, computer science, office workers, lawyers, educators, health care professionals, human services workers, rehabilitation professionals, piano technicians, merchants, and entrepreneurs.

Members from these divisions will be speaking at the seminar, conducting workshops for parents, and cordinating exciting activities for our children. They will share tips and techniques, triumphs and disappointments, and their excitement and hopes for the future. In other words, we plan an experience that is as close as possible to a leap into the future to see what your child could be doing next year or in five, ten, or twenty years.

To help you as you make plans for the convention, here is an overview of the schedule of events:

Schedule of Events

Events or program items listed in all caps in the schedule below are general NFB convention activities. Bulleted items are NOPBC-sponsored events or activities.

For those who have attended past conventions, we call your attention to a change in the NOPBC annual meeting and the NOPBC board meeting dates and times. Because of renovations at the hotel and possible limitations in meeting room space, we will incorporate the NOPBC annual meeting with the seminar agenda on Saturday, and we have moved the NOPBC board meeting to Monday. This schedule will also allow parents and kids to attend meetings on Monday of the various NFB divisions as described above.

Saturday, June 30
· NOPBC seminar for parents and teachers
· NOPBC annual meeting
· Special activities for toddlers and preschoolers
· A Braille Carnival and other activities for children ages 6 to 12
· Teen programs and activities
· Teen Talk (evening)
· Family hospitality (evening)

Sunday, July 1
EXHIBIT HALL (all day)
· Cane Walk (morning)
· Orientation to the exhibit hall for first-time parents and families (afternoon)
· Teen Hospitality (afternoon, evening)
· Dad’s Night Out (evening)

Monday, July 2
EXHIBIT HALL (all day)
DIVISION MEETING DAY (afternoon, evening)
· NOPBC board meeting (time to be announced)
· Braille Book Flea Market (5:00 – 7:00 p.m.)
· Teen Hospitality Room (afternoon, evening)

Tuesday, July 3
MARCH FOR INDEPENDENCE (before the session)
· IEP and other workshops (evening)
· Teen Hospitality (noon and evening)

Wednesday, July 4
GENERAL SESSION (morning only)
· Family Fun--recreational activities for the family (afternoon)
· Cane Talk with Joe Cutter (afternoon)
· Teen Hospitality (early afternoon, evening)

Thursday, July 5
BANQUET (evening)
· Drawing for the NOPBC 50/50 raffle fund raiser (banquet)
· Teen Hospitality (noon)

Friday, July 6
· Teen Hospitality (noon)

NOPBC Conference Fees
The fee below includes annual dues for membership-at-large in the NOPBC.
$15 one adult
$10 per teen for youth groups accompanied by chaperones
$25 families

NOTE: Registration for the NOPBC events does NOT include registration for the NFB convention. Beginning March 1, you may preregister for the NFB convention by mail or online at <www.nfb.org>.

Questions? Contact Barbara Cheadle: [email protected] or (410) 659-9314, extension 2360

Make checks or money orders payable to NOPBC. Mail to: Sandy Taboada, 6960 South Fieldgate Court, Baton Rouge, LA 70808-5455

2007 NOPBC “Fast Forward to the Future”
Mail to: Sandy Taboada, 6960 South Fieldgate Court, Baton Rouge, LA 70808-5455

YES I wish to preregister now. I understand I will get a NOPBC conference packet with an agenda and details about workshop options for parents, kids, and teachers by or before March 1.
NO I do not wish to preregister at this time, but I do want a NOPBC conference packet as soon as they are available. Please send to the name, address, or e-mail address below.

1. Adult name:
Please check all that apply: [ ] parent [ ] relative [ ] professional [ ] blind parent [ ] other
2. Adult name:
Please check all that apply: [ ] parent [ ] relative [ ] professional [ ] blind parent [ ] other
3. Adult name:
Please check all that apply: [ ] parent [ ] relative [ ] professional [ ] blind parent [ ] other
4. Adult name:
Please check all that apply: [ ] parent [ ] relative [ ] professional [ ] blind parent [ ] other

City, State, Zip:
E-mail address:
Phone number(s):

Name of each child or youth coming with you. Also include birth date, grade, and brief description of vision and/or any other disabilities (i.e. sighted, blind, cerebral palsy, autism, etc.)

Enclosed: $ ____________ Preregistration fee
$ ____________ Donation to NOPBC
Total: $ ____________

Will this be your first NFB convention? YES NO

Do you belong to your state affiliate of the NOPBC? YES NO Don’t Know

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