Future Reflections        Convention Report 2011

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Convention Experiences

by Deborah Kent Stein

search for frogs and dinosaurs in a pan of shaving creamAttending a national convention of the NFB calls for a large commitment of energy, time, and resources. Often it requires time away from work and the sacrifice of other vacation plans.

Boy conducts experiment, transferring water from one cup to another with a dropperWhat leads families to take the giant step of attending an NFB convention for the first time? What compels families to return year after year?

In the articles that follow, three parents write about their experiences and explain what convention means to them and their children. All three have become committed to the NOPBC and its goals. Penny Duffy is working to establish an NOPBC chapter in New Hampshire. Doreen Franklin is active with the Florida Parents of Blind children, and Pamela Gebert is the founder and president of the brand-new Parents of Blind Children of Alaska.

Ashleah Chamberlain uses straw to transfer water from glass to glassApril and Allen Houck of North Carolina with their two children
In the pool Luther Fuller balances three apples on a floating tray

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