Future Reflections Winter 1989, Vol. 8 No. 1

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by Diane McGeorge

The Colorado Center for the Blind is a unique, exciting program which is designed to meet the needs of blind persons across the country. Our program acknowledges the differing needs of each student and offers a responsive, highly individualized program. Presently, most of our students are referred through Colorado Rehabilitation Services; however, we also accept students from out of state.

The major problem faced by blind persons is a lack of confidence in their abilities to live independently and cope with the demands which they face in education, work, and family life. The CCB's program is designed to assist blind students to develop the skills and understanding of blindness that they need to live effectively as responsible men and women.

The CCB operates a residential program. Students live in apartments and travel to the educational center each day for classes. Many classes take place in the apartments. Skills that are required to maintain an apartment, care for one's wardrobe, and prepare meals are taught in this residential setting.

Emphasis is placed upon the development of excellent cane travel skills and effective problem solving skills employed in competent travel. Braille, computer skills, and verbal communications are taught in communications classes. Students are encouraged to participate in public meetings to build confidence in their communication skills. They are also given opportunities to use Braille and other alternative communication techniques in genuine life situations.

The Colorado Center for the Blind is on the cutting edge in the use of adventure education as a strategy to work with students. Skiing, rock climbing, horseback riding, special exercise classes, and the martial arts are all used to assist the students to develop skills and personal confidence in their ability to achieve difficult tasks and endure hard, demanding situations. Students learn that they can perform successfully in physically demanding tasks which they thought beyond their capabilities.

CCB is concerned with the totality of its students. The goal of the program is to assist students to become whole, mature people. They should posess good skills in daily living, travel, communication, and other alternative techniques of blindness, but more importantly, they should be free from negative concepts related to their blindness.

The future for blind people can be bright. What the CCB offers is a strategy which can provide an entry into a meaningful life and a successful and productive future for all those ready to throw off the bond of the past and accept a new definition of what it means to be blind.

For more information, please contact:

Colorado Center for the Blind
2232 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

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