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2008 NFB Convention, Dallas TX, July 1-6
Coping with Convention Meals

Q: Last year, after the convention, I was diagnosed as a type II diabetic. This, of course, has altered my eating habits which causes me to ask: is it possible to have a diabetic-friendly meal at the NFB National Convention banquet? Thank you.

Robert Jaquiss, West Monroe, Louisiana

A: Robert,
I’m a type II diabetic also and I agree, it is a little tough to eat properly at Convention, or when eating out anywhere. There are two things we are managing as diabetics: our weight and our blood glucose levels. The first thing I do at our banquets is to give away my dessert. Others recommend that we pass on the rolls as well, since there is always a starch already in the banquet meal to help keep your carbohydrates steady. We usually have chicken or beef, vegetables, a salad, and rice or potatoes. In order to prevent overeating, some people cover their plate with their napkin once they have eaten a reasonable portion.

My real problem at conventions is not having time to eat at all. I have found that I often get low blood sugar and have learned always to carry some snacks with me for these times. Some people bring along healthy snacks like oranges and apples for their rooms.

I would also like to invite you to the Diabetes Action Network Division Meeting at Convention on Tuesday, July 1, in the afternoon. There will be a nice reception (more food!) afterward with entertainment as well.

I hope this helps.

Joanne Wilson
Executive Director for Affiliate Action,