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Leaders of the Diabetes Action Network
of the National Federation of the Blind

Lois Williams from Huntsville, AL recently resigned as President of our NFB Diabetes Action Network, due to health concerns. Lois has always strived to improve our outreach efforts and is a prolific speaker when discussing diabetes issues and its ramifications; therefore, she enlightens many people about diabetes. She speaks about how to minimize or prevent side effects, and how our DAN can assist blind diabetics and those losing vision. We commend Lois for her outreach efforts and wish her the very best. She still plans to assist the Diabetes Action Network whenever needed.

The NFB Diabetes Action Network board members are:

President: Ed Bryant
Columbia, MO

2nd Vice President: Mike Freeman
Vancouver, WA

Secretary: Bernadette Jacobs
Baltimore, MD

Treasurer: Joy Stigile
Reseda, CA

Board Member: Maria Bradford
Spokane, WA

Board Member: LeeAnne Mayne
Chicago, IL

Board Member: Minnie Walker
Mobile, AL