Moving and Motivating

Charlie Steele
proves amputation
doesn’t have to
slow you down

Vol. 23, No. 1
Winter Edition 2008

Coping With a
Hospital Stay

Dealing with

Voice of the Diabetic:  Charlie Steele is on the move motivating others. 
Photograph by Todd Plitt.


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Eileen Rivera Ley

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Gail Brashers-Krug
Ann S. Williams
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Thomas Ley

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Voice of the Diabetic is the only national publication that focuses on making life with diabetic complications less complicated. Published quarterly by the NFB Diabetes Action Network (DAN), Voice of the Diabetic has a circulation of 320,000 copies. Since 1985, diabetic consumers, families and health care providers have been returning to the Voice for insight and inspiration. Voice of the Diabetic is available in print, four-track audio cassette, e-mail and on the Web at

Our Mission: The NFB Diabetes Action Network educates, empowers, and inspires people living with diabetes and its complications. We share the National Federation of the Blind’s “can-do” philosophy, through Voice of the Diabetic magazine, volunteer peer support, and advocacy for accessible diabetes technology. Together, we challenge one another to live our best and fullest lives.

Note: The information and advice contained in Voice of the Diabetic are for educational purposes and are not intended to take the place of personal instruction provided by your physician or by your health care team. Discuss any changes in your treatment with the appropriate health professionals.

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Moving and Motivating
Charlie Steele proves amputation doesn’t have to slow you down

by Elizabeth Lunt

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Talking Meter Gets A+ in New NFB Program
by Gail Brashers-Krug

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Pumper’s Voice
by Gary Scheiner

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The New Prodigy Voice – A Quick Comparison with the Old VoiceMate
by Thomas Ley
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Healthy Home Cooking

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If Blindness Comes

Applying Blood to the Prodigy Voice Test Strip without Sight
by Thomas Ley

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Resolution 2007-04
Regarding Development of an Accessible Insulin Pump

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What Blind People Should Know About Social Security,
Social Security Disability Insurance, and Supplemental Security Insurance in 2008

by James McCarthy
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The Washington Seminar

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Leaders of the Diabetes Action Network of the National Federation of the Blind
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NFB State Conventions for Spring of 2008
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FDA Requires Confusing New Warnings on Avandia Labels

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Pfizer Discontinues Inhaled Insulin

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Diabetes and Depression – Don’t Let Them Get You Down
by Ann S. Williams

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New Year, New You
Tips for resolving to take care of your health

by Lynn Bailiff

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Going to the Hospital?
Bring along a bit of advocacy

by Marilyn Brandt Smith
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Resource Roundup Listen now Download mp3
Ask the Doctor: Q & A with Dr. John Bowker Listen now Download mp3
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Posted: January 2008