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If Blindness Comes

If Blindness Comes is a special pull-out section on diabetes and vision loss, printed in a larger font. If you know someone living with diabetes and vision loss, please pull this section out and share it.

Message from the New Diabetes Action Network (DAN) President, Mike Freeman

The Diabetes Action Network (DAN) is a division of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB). The great strength of the NFB is our positive philosophy of blindness; the recognition that being blind does not impair mental ability, that most of the problems faced by the blind are caused or exacerbated by the fact that the blind are a small minority in a sighted world and are subject to misunderstandings and misconceptions of the public, and that with ingenuity and imagination we can devise alternative techniques to perform most tasks that people often believe require sight. Put simply, we of NFB believe that attitude counts far more than visual acuity and that when faced with a task, we should ask “HOW can I do this?” rather than “Can I do this?”  This is a message of hope, and it is a belief based upon experience of NFB members. We know the blind can lead normal lives.

This philosophy fits well with good diabetes care. We of DAN know that with a few adaptations and special devices, you can control diabetes whether you can see or not. Yet not everyone shares this belief, and this we must change.

We of NFB will not rest until the assumption that blindness equals incompetence is eradicated from the public mind. Through the Diabetes Action Network and the Voice of the Diabetic, we are spreading the gospel that diabetes and its attendant complications such as blindness can be successfully managed and that the diabetic (blind or sighted) can live a normal, happy, productive life.