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You Don’t Have to Be in School to Earn an A+
You can earn one for accessibility from the NFB

L to R: Eileen Ley, Director of Diabetes Initiatives, NFB, Jerry Munden, VP of Sales, Diagnostic Devices, Inc., Dave Raistrick, VP, En-Vision America, Inc., Chad Allen, Business & Industry Development, En-Vision America, Inc., Steve Shaya, VP, J&B Medical, Inc., and Bob Hoyt, A+ Program Coordinator, NFB.When was the last time you got an A+? Remember how good it felt when your best efforts were recognized by your teacher?

Well, at the National Federation of the Blind Convention, three deserving companies got an A+ for creating a product or service that was truly accessible for blind and low vision consumers. A+ stands for the NFB Access Plus program, which encourages and rewards companies with fully accessible products and services.

Recipients were proud and happy. Jerry Munden, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Diagnostic Devices, Inc., said that executives there “are very grateful for the opportunity to partner with the NFB” in order to make a fully accessible glucose meter and earn the award, and notes that the strong reputation of the NFB has enhanced marketing efforts.

Chad Allen, Head of Business and Industry Development at En-Vision America, Inc., agrees and says that they are proud to be recognized by the NFB with the A+ award.  “ScripTalk technology [allows] blind or visually impaired individuals to access critical information on prescription bottles. The NFB’s A+ program will show pharmacies, hospitals, health insurance companies and others in the medical field the power of independence and security with non-visual access to medications. Thank you A+!”

And Loren Bennett, Contract Administrator for J&B Medical noted that “the A+ program has been a positive for J&B Medical because it has raised the skills of our service people and instilled pride within the organization. It has also helped set us apart from other companies by showing the dedication we have to helping everyone.”

Do you have a product or service that deserves an A+ for accessibility? Consider the Four Points of Access:
•  Will your product or service pass a comprehensive and thorough evaluation by our blind consumer review panel?

•  Is your Web site readable by the most commonly used screen reading technologies on the market today?

•  Are your manuals, marketing materials, promotional pieces and packaging in accessible formats such as audio and digital recordings, large print, and Braille?

•  Are you willing to have your customer service personnel undergo customized training to learn about the needs and concerns of blind consumers?

We will be happy to work with you to help change your product or service to be accessible and earn the A+.  For more information or to begin your application, e-mail [email protected], or call 1-888-581-4741 and press 5.