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Reader’s Voice

Dear Sir or Ma’me

My husband Mike is legally blind. I am his wife Joyce. I am writing this on his behalf….

Ever since Mike started distributing the Voice I have been actively involved in helping him to do so. Mike used to take the Voice to his personal doctor. His doctor didn’t realize how many diabetic patients he had. He started out with 25 copies and kept upping the number. When he started getting over 200 copies it got to be too much for us so now Voice goes straight to his office!

Over the years we have watched several of our accounts gradually increase. They start out with a small number of copies and…are now up to 100 copies….They tell Mike how happy they are to have the Voice.

Most of the places we distribute the Voice are within a mile or two of our home. Some are within walking distance so our adult sons even help out. As you can see it has become a family affair. I put all the copies of the Voice when they come in, in my front hall. Because we see them in such plain view we get probably 75% of the copies out of the front door within 2 or 3 days.

We would like to continue distributing The Voice of the Diabetic!

Michael and Joyce Cianciosi


Voice of the Diabetic:

I have had Type I insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in excess of 50 years—since I was a teenager. I have received and read Voice of the Diabetic near 20 years. I am a retired teacher and professional librarian and value accurate and pertinent information very highly! Voice ranks above Forecast and Self-Management on both counts.

I have been distributing Voice copies for years to waiting rooms of doctors, hospitals, laboratories, clubs, newly diagnosed individuals and anywhere I find interested groups or individuals. Voice application forms are a staple in my purse.

I value being able to distribute copies of Voice and personally talking to interested individuals or groups.

Thank you for making available such a valuable publication.

Maxie Meyer, 72 year-old female


We want to thank all of you who returned your distributor surveys included in the last issue. 
Congratulations to Bonnie Duarte, of Roanoke, VA winner of the drawing for the $100 Visa Gift Card! 

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We look forward to hearing from you!  Please send your questions and comments to [email protected] You can also write to Elizabeth Lunt, Editor, Voice of the Diabetic, 1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, MD 21230.