Connie Taylor
Looks Ahead

Diabetic retinopathy
affects sight,
not confidence

Vol. 23, No. 4
Fall Edition 2008

Considering Home

Exploring Dietary

Voice of the Diabetic Logo and Connie Taylor learns to cope confidently with her blindness at an eight month training program.


Voice of the Diabetic Logo

Eileen Rivera Ley

Elizabeth Lunt

Suzanne Shaffer

Lynn Baillif
Gary Scheiner
Ann S. Williams

Thomas Ley

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Connie Taylor Looks Ahead to Blindness
Diabetic retinopathy affects sight, not confidence

by Elizabeth Lunt

Training to be Blind
Comprehensive programs teach skills and build confidence

Pumper’sVoice: Overcoming the Challenges of Physical Activity
by Gary Scheiner

Healthy Home Cooking:
Traditional Thanksgiving Treats



Message from the new Diabetes Action Network (DAN) President, Mike Freeman

You Don’t Have to Be in School to Earn an A+
You can earn one for accessibility from the NFB

DAN at Convention

NFB State Conventions for the Remainder of 2008

Accessible Meal Planning and Carb Counting Web sites wins the crown

by Tom Ley

2008-2009 DAN Board Members


Herbal Supplements and Diabetes
Be careful when taking these unproven substances

by Lynn Baillif

Don’t Drive? Don’t Want To?
Home Hemodialysis may be for you

by Tom Ley


Resource Roundup

Ask the Doctor
Understanding Diabetic Retinopathy

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Posted: September 2008