The Accessible Instructional Materials in Higher Education (AIM HIGH) Act (H.R. 1772 ) (S. 2138)



1) Authorizes a purpose-based commission to develop accessibility guidelines for electronic instructional materials and related information technology so that those materials are accessible to students with print disabilities. Additionally, the commission will develop an annotated list of national and international accessibility standards so that schools and developers can identify what makes a product usable by the blind.

2) Provides a digital accessibility road map for institutions of higher education. Colleges and universities are mandated by federal law to provide equal access to blind students and other students with print disabilities. The AIM HIGH Act will create guidelines which colleges and universities can choose to follow in order to procure educational technologies in compliance with this federal requirement.

3) Restates that schools are still obligated to meet the equal access mandate under current law. Guidelines are one voluntary path to compliance with the law, but schools are permitted to pursue other paths to compliance. This offers flexibility and leaves room for innovation without compromising print disabled students’ right to equal access.

The AIM HIGH Act addresses the problem of inaccessible instructional materials in post-secondary education. Technology holds the promise of equal access for students with disabilities, but the overwhelming majority of university websites, digital books, PDFs, learning management systems, lab software, and online research journals are inaccessible to students with print disabilities. Through the AIM HIGH Act’s collaborative legislative approach, with direct input from people with disabilities, non-profit organizations that service our community, institutions of higher education, and developers and manufacturers of these technologies, the AIM HIGH Act will revolutionize digital accessibility of postsecondary electronic instructional materials.

H.R. 1772 Bill Text for the 115th Congress

S. 2138 Bill Text for the 115th Congress

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The AIM HIGH Act is a collaboration of the NFB, the Association of American Publishers, the American Council on Education, Educause®, and the Software and Information Industry Association.

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