Back To Basics
Membership-Building Seminars

For the last few years, Our Affiliate Action Department has presented a Back to Basics membership-building seminar at our national convention. The audio from several of those seminars is available here, so that Federationists who were not able to attend can listen to these engaging presentations and implement some of the great ideas presented by leaders from throughout the country.



Hour 1 features Dr. Maurer's discussion of the importance of our philosophy, exceeded in value only by our membership, to our success as an organization. Jerry Whittle then describes how his Louisiana Center for the Blind plays have served as tools for teaching our philosophy. Mr. Whittle's presentation is followed by Rosy Carranza, who leads an activity in which small groups of Federationists develop and act out their own skits.

Hour 2 begins with a demonstration of how to spice up your chapter meeting by playing NFB Trivia, hosted by Jason and Jessica Ewell. Following this gameshow-style presentation, Risky Biz and the Cane Tips give a lesson on writing NFB songs. The hour concludes with a discussion of some letters to Miss Whozit from chapter presidents who are seeking advice about how to deal with different situations.

Hour 3 consists of a panel of Federationists--Joe Ruffalo, Lou Ann Blake, Maurice Peret, and Darian Smith--giving suggestions for new activities to try in our chapter meetings.


Hour 1 features three state presidents--Parnell Diggs, Bill Packee, and Joe Ruffalo--sharing their secrets for membership-building success.

Hour 2 includes presentations and some role-playing by Ron Gardner, Richie Flores, and Jeannie Massay. The topic is how to make chapter meetings fun and interesting!

Hour 3 consists of a panel of experienced fundraisers, Megan Whalen, Melissa Riccobono, and Anil Lewis.

Hour 4 features presentations on useful projects your chapter can undertake. The highlight is Garrick Scott's recipe for bringing blind youth into your chapter! Discussions of how our chapters can contribute to our legislative and public relations efforts are also included.


Hour 1 features President Maurer and First Vice President Fred Schroeder giving their thoughts about how to build the organization effectively.

Hour 2 consists of a panel discussion in which several current and former chapter presidents suggest many new ideas for keeping chapter meetings exciting and purposeful.

Hour 3 includes a presentation from Angela Frederick on the importance of getting your local chapter involved in the community, and NFB of New Jersey president Joe Ruffalo talks about how other Federationists can replicate the fundraising successes he has had.

Hour 4 features presentations on how to weave discussion of philosophy into our local chapter meetings.