Nonvisual Accessibility Web Certification

Becoming Certified

Web site operators have two options to start down the path to NFB-NVA Certification.

Through a Web Accessibility Consultant

If your company has been working with one of the National Federation of the Blind's Web Accessibility Consultants (WACs), that consultant can refer you to the NFB for certification after it has determined that your Web site or application is accessible to the blind. A thorough audit process, certified by the National Federation of the Blind, will be used in this determination. Such an audit process will include, but may not be limited to, testing those items discussed above. Once your site or application has been referred to the NFB, we will conduct a task-performance test of the primary functions of your Web site or application (as communicated to us by the WAC) using at least two screen access programs. If we determine through our testing that a blind user can perform the primary functions of your Web site or application with the use of at least two talking screen access programs, we will notify you that you qualify for NFB-NVA Certification.

Through the NFB

This option is recommended primarily for those Web site operators who have been working on and are familiar with nonvisual accessibility issues already. Because of the extra time and effort involved, businesses that come directly to the NFB will be charged an up-front fee for the NFB audit. If the audit determines that the Web site or application may be accessible, NFB will continue with the user testing, hopefully resulting in the qualification of the application or Web site for NFB-NVA Certification. Testing does not include any services to fix accessibility problems on a Web site or application. Testing may result in a recommendation to consult a WAC regarding accessibility issues. Request a free initial assessment here.

Duration of Certification

After the NFB has determined that your Web site or application qualifies for certification, your certification will last for one year provided that you meet the conditions for staying certified throughout the year.

Staying Certified

Monitoring of Web Site/Application

At regular intervals throughout the year of your certification, the NFB will conduct follow-up tests to determine if changes have been made to your application or Web site and if those changes affect nonvisual accessibility. If accessibility issues arise, NFB will contact you about the nature of the issue so that you may have it corrected. If the correction is not made within a reasonable amount of time, certification will be revoked.