May 1, 2014

What are the dates and location of the program taking place in Illinois?

  • Chicago, IL: June 16-27, a day program
  • Normal, IL: July 21-25, a residential program for a parent and child pair

How are lunches handled for the NFB BELL program in Illinois?

  • Chicago, IL: Lunches are provided.
  • Normal, IL: All meals are provided.

Is transportation provided?

Neither program covers transportation to and from the program location.

What is the registration fee for the NFB BELL program in Illinois?

Each program in Illinois has a $50 registration fee; checks should be written to the NFB of Illinois.

Are there any other details about the NFB BELL program in Illinois of which I should be aware?

  • The Chicago program is a day program only. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the hours are 8:30-3:30. Tuesday and Thursday schedule is 8:30-4:30 to allow for more time to travel on our excursions.
  • The Normal program welcomes daily commuters; for the residential option, a parent must stay with the child participant. The parents will have programing during the day separate from the children. We will complete activities with both groups as well as have some optional evening activities.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the NFB BELL program in Illinois?

Amy Lund
Phone: 217-816-5060
Mail: 81 McCarthy Drive
Springfield, IL 62702