National Association of Blind Veterans: A Division of the National Federation of the Blind

“Blind Veterans Serving Blind Veterans”

First All Blind Veteran Color Guard"After attending my first NFB National Convention as a blind veteran, I knew I had found my home." — James Knight, Color Guard Member and Blind Veteran

The National Association of Blind Veterans (NABV)—a division of the National Federation of the Blind—is an organization comprised of blind veterans dedicated to living the lives we want and reaching out to other blind veterans. The NABV offers assistance and resources on both a local and a statewide level to help veterans who are newly blinded or losing vision connect with others like themselves to share experiences, provide guidance on career and blindness training, and generally support one another.

A round seal with the words "The United States of America - The National Association of Blind Veterans" on the outer edge of the circle. In the center of the seal is a waving American Flag with an image of a bald eagle looking to the left. The words "Blind Veterans" are above the flag, with three yellow stars above the words. The words "Serving Blind Veterans" are below the flag, with one yellow star on each side.Being a part of the National Association of Blind Veterans and its parent organization, the National Federation of the Blind—the country's largest and most influential organization of blind people—connects you to tens of thousands of friends and limitless resources across the United States that are available to provide support and assistance to blind and low-vision veterans and their families.

The National Association of Blind Veterans is founded on a positive attitude about blindness. We believe that when given training and opportunity, blind veterans can work, raise families, enjoy recreational activities, and contribute to society. As blind veterans living fulfilling and independent lives, we know firsthand that blindness is not the characteristic that defines us or our future. We want to help all blind veterans overcome the low expectations that are the true barriers between blind people and our dreams. Please join us as we work together to ensure that all blind veterans are able to live the lives we want.

Bag Piper David Enzfelder Escorts Color Guard for Opening CeremonyWe invite you to learn about the services we have available through our national network. Veteran services include:

  • Local and statewide resources to connect blind veterans with each other
  • Guidance and advice about benefits for blind veterans
  • Career development and opportunities
  • Training and education in blindness skills that will allow blind veterans to function independently
  • Advice for friends and family
  • Scholarships for wounded warriors and veterans
  • Tips for managing transportation, medical appointments, and meetings
  • Information about assistive technology available through many agencies assisting blind veterans
  • Connection with the many other resources available through the National Federation of the Blind

To join this fantastic family of blind veterans contact:

Photo of Dwight D. Sayer, President of the National Association of Blind Veterans  National Association of Blind Veterans 
  Dwight D. Sayer, President 
  PO Box 784957 
  Winter Garden, FL 34778

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