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Monday, March 26, 2012
Amy Mason and Clara Van Gerven

Below are some items from the Apple world that we thought you might want to know about.

Air Media Center

App Dynamic

This nifty little piece of software allows you to stream both video and audio files from your PC to your iOS device.  (You have to install a small piece of software on your computer, but it’s accessible, and it didn’t seem overly resource hungry.) I have tested it on my Windows 7 machine, and it works very nicely.  It is meant to allow you to stream over Wi-Fi most easily but allows for options to create a connection over the internet as well.  It works fabulously with VoiceOver, and with the cables that let you hook your iDevice into a television or other monitor.  I haven’t tested it, but there is also a version of the server software available for the Mac as well.  It re-encodes video and audio if necessary to make them work on the iOS device, and its pretty inexpensive for all that functionality. One of my favorite apps for home use, though I personally haven’t gotten a long-distance connection up and running yet (I have poor internet service at home), so I  can’t speak to how well that would work. 

Awareness! The Headphone App

Currently Free, but for a limited time.

This app allows a user to listen to both the world around them, and their music or other sounds in the environment.  Initially, I didn’t have particularly high hopes for the app, as the interface didn’t seem to allow for a lot of interaction, but after I opened settings, I found that it contained a “VoiceOver mode” and this allowed me to have a much greater level of control over the interface and the program itself.  It works well, but it was not simple to initially set up because of a number of features with unfamiliar sounding names, but that being said, after looking at the instructions, or playing with the app a bit, you may find  some use for it.  I have only tried it in the office thus far, but, I was impressed at how well it allowed me to hear things in the environment, even conversations down the hall (which I could not normally make out) were quite intelligible.  I expect it has more power than I have yet discovered, and since its free today, it may be worth picking up, and giving a spin.

Apple's Accessibility Phone Number

Apple now has a dedicated line for accessibility issues - you can reach them at 877-204-3930. The number is also listed on the general contact page.

Braille iPhone Manual

The iPhone manual is available from Apple in BRF; you can download it from the link below, at the very bottom of the page.

iOS Shortcuts List

AxS Lab has the most comprehensive list of iOS shortcuts we have found to date - you may find it useful.

That's all the news that's fit to be blogged for today!