Blog Date: 
Sunday, April 15, 2012
Clara Van Gerven

We love events here in the Access Technology dungeons; we love them especially right after they end. The Inclusive Publishing event last week was pretty outstanding if I may say so. With 160 attendees from twenty countries and with some of the best and brightest in the industry leading sessions, it confirmed what we suspected – that there is both a need for and a real interest in broadening access to digital book. As is becoming the habit, I tweeted about it all under the nfb_voice handle, #incpub, and got to share some of the highlights that way. The presentations that we could get our hands on are being posted to I admit that it puzzles me a little when companies come all the way to Baltimore and then turn down extra publicity for the work they do, but there you go. Corporate rules can be strange. Either way, the presenters really did a fabulous job in front of a very knowledgeable and very motivated crowd with lots of questions, so my hat’s off to them. Perhaps most importantly, the common thread in conversations I had with presenters and attendees alike was that all felt that they had learned from the event and had made some great contacts. That makes all the difference getting the small group of professionals working on inclusive publishing to spread the word in an industry that is changing very rapidly.