Blog Date: 
Friday, December 16, 2011
Tony Olivero

If you’re anything like me you’ve occasionally, and in some cases more often than you want to acknowledge, been staring at a completely useless computer. Your screen access package has frozen or another program has caused it to completely hang, and your only recourse is to hard crash and restart your system.

Nay, think again my padawan. Enter our Hero Mobile PC Monitor on his landspeeder, waving his saber of sanity and salvation. This app, available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, and your local web browser, allows you to see statistics of up to three computers for free (more available for a price). The program will display data including CPU usage, available RAM, and temperatures of the CPU and hard drives. Where PC Monitor really shines, at least for blind users, is its ability to remotely kill running processes. I have, on at least three occasions in the past week, used it to shut down a frozen JAWS process and restart it from the computer’s keyboard, saving me a complete restart.

The only version I have tested is the iOS app so cannot speak to the accessibility of other platforms. The iOS app appeared to be completely Voiceover accessible. Hat tip to the Applevis directory where I discovered the app.