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Wednesday, January 8, 2014
Rick Clinton

Pearson has made big strides in having students use the JAWS screen reader to access content in MyMathLab and related products—MyStatLab, MathXL, MyMathTest.  Students using JAWS can navigate, read, and interact with MyMathLab homework and assessments, as well as calendars, results, announcements, and study plans.

While these changes are encouraging, many students are not aware of MyMathLab-JAWS compatibility and/or the set-up procedure required.  To get this information to more students, we are sharing it with the community.   
Getting ready to use JAWS with MyMathLab is quick and easy.  You simply follow these steps:
- run JAWS, then login to your MyMathLab account;
- access the MyMathLab player by opening a question, then open the context menu;
- select “Accessibility” then, in the pop up, select “Automatically detect,” then select “OK.”
Details on this set-up procedure, together with information on using the command-line language and JAWS shortcuts with MyMathLab, are found in the document Quick Start Instructions for Using MyMathLab with JAWS.


If you have questions, or need assistance with the MyMathLab-JAWS set up, contact us at


Thanks again to Anne and NFB for letting us share this information.