Blog Date: 
Thursday, November 15, 2012
Elaine Ober

Note from the editor: Accessibility in higher education is a critical issue, and Pearson has worked hard to address it - so make sure Elaine gets your feedback!

Dear Readers,
It is a pleasure to be writing this guest post for the NFB’s AT blog.  I’m Elaine Ober, and I’m part of Pearson’s Higher Education division ( In addition to working with our editorial teams on accessible content, I monitor an email mailbox specifically for college students and instructors who are blind or who have disabilities that impact access to our products —

We established this mailbox one year ago because it is important to us that college students and instructors have a clear way to contact us with accessibility questions about the Pearson products they are using.  Additionally, we hope you use the mailbox to tell us what you like about the accessibility of our products, and to share any ideas you have for what we can do differently.  We learn a lot from our customers and use that input to make improvements.  All I ask is that you include the words “Accessibility Question” in the subject line!   I look forward to helping you get your questions answered at  Thanks for listening.