Blog Date: 
Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Clara Van Gerven


Amy noted in the previous blog post that the iPad 3 makes for a pretty decent makeshift portable magnifier, especially at 2x to 5x or so. We recently ordered the Zaggfolio case with keyboard for the new shiny thing, and an impromptu test shows that this setup will let you use the iPad to magnify very easily. No one will be reading War and Peace with it, but a bill or receipt can be read pretty easily with the camera image magnified, especially if you use the point focus feature (tap and hold to focus on a certain area). The Folio is stable enough, unlike some cases, for a user to tap the screen without toppling the iPad. Having a stand also means that you have your hands free to move whatever you want to take a close look at. All in all, between the pretty nice keyboard, the sturdy case and stable camera viewing, this case may well be a worthwhile purchase for someone looking to use the iPad to best advantage, and with Zoom.

Clara Van Gerven