Blog Date: 
Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tip:  Using Forms on the Internet

Turning on Forms Mode

Did you know that when using virtual focus, turning "forms mode" on in Supernova/Hal 6.03 or later will allow you to type text in web page forms? To turn on "forms mode", either (a) press Caps Lock and Enter whilst on a web page or (b) go to the Supernova/Hal control panel, select the "File" menu, select "Situation Settings" and then select "Forms mode" by highlighting it and pressing the SPACEBAR. Now you will find as you tab around a web page in virtual focus you will be able to enter text into forms, search and other edit areas.

Tip: Making use of Application Notes

Did you know there are Application Notes stored within the map file for almost every application?

Application Notes contain useful information such as a brief description of the application, as well as a list of custom hotkeys you can use within the application to perform useful tasks.

To view the Application Notes for any application press RIGHT CONTROL+RIGHT SHIFT+?

For example, the Application notes in Microsoft Word XP will tell you the following Custom Application Keys:

Left Shift + NumPad 7 - Announce alignment.

Left Shift + NumPad 8 - Announce bullet list.

Left Shift + NumPad 9 - Move focus to style box.

Left Shift + NumPad 4 - Read previous word.

Left Shift + NumPad 5 - Read sentence.

Left Shift + NumPad 6 - Read paragraph.

Left Control + Left Shift + NumPad 7 - Read line and column information from status bar.

Left Control + Left Shift + NumPad 4 - Spell checker action: read "Not in dictionary" control, read and spell the mis-spelt word and then read initial suggestion.

Dolphin Key (Caps Lock) + T - This action is exclusively for users of Dolphin Producer. When these products are first run after install the toolbar is not docked, it is floating in the middle of the document window. This action will automate the process of docking these toolbars.

Note: Certain custom actions require the visible presence of the Formatting toolbar. It is also important to make sure you switch off the setting "Standard and Formatting toolbars share one row" in the toolbar settings (View, Toolbars, Customize, Options).

Tip:  Making use of Magnification modes

Choose the Magnification mode that suits you

In all magnification modes, the magnified window will automatically follow mouse pointers and text entry cursors and will magnify the region around them. It will also automatically follow all windows, dialog boxes, controls within dialog boxes, pop-up and pull-down menus. This automatic tracking feature draws your attention immediately to any new information that appears on your Windows screen.

However, LunarLunarPlus and Supernova feature a choice of magnification methods: Full Screen, Fixed Window, Lens, Auto Lens, Left Split Screen, Top Split Screen, Right Split Screen and Bottom Split Screen. A detailed description of each magnification type can be found in the product documentation also available from the product help menu. You can also view screenshots of the different magnification modes on our website.

Trying out the various modes yourself is often the best way to determine which one works best for you. Simply press and hold LEFT CONTROL + the number 7 found on the numeric keypad to cycle through the various magnification types.

For further information please visit the Dolphin site.