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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Most would agree that computers are not inherently user-friendly. Many find using a computer to be painful, while others find daily computer use requires significant effort. These pains and strains of computer use are even more pronounced when the user is dealing with low vision or blindness. 

Most programs, however, can be controlled with keyboard shortcuts which often simplify the interaction.  Of course it would be overwhelming to try and learn them all. Instead, start with the most useful shortcuts in your most used programs and as well as some basic desktop shortcuts.

The USDA TARGET Center will be presenting a series of these shortcuts in this space.  More detailed trainings are also available online and in-person through the TARGET Center. 

Keyboard Shortcuts for Checking Your Outlook E-mail
Switch to Mail: CTRL+1
Check for new mail: CTRL+M or F9
Compose a new message: CTRL+N
Open a received message: CTRL+O
Send: ALT+S
Reply to a message: CTRL+R
Reply all to a message: CTRL+SHIFT+R
Go to Address Book: CTRL+SHIFT+B

Switch to Folder List in Navigation Pane: CTRL+6
Switch to Shortcuts: CTRL+7
Next item (with item open): CTRL+COMMA
Previous item (with item open): CTRL+PERIOD
Switch between the Folder List and the main Outlook window: F6 or CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
Move among the Outlook window, the Navigation Pane, and the Reading Pane: TAB
Move around within the Navigation Pane: Arrow keys
Go to a different folder: CTRL+Y
Expand/collapse a group (with a group selected) in the Navigation Pane: PLUS or MINUS SIGN on the numeric keypad
Collapse/expand a group in the e-mail message list: Left and right arrow keys
Search Folder: CTRL+SHIFT+P
Switch to Inbox: CTRL+SHIFT+I
Switch to Outbox: CTRL+SHIFT+O
Choose the account from which to send a message: CTRL+TAB (with focus on the To: line) and then TAB to the Accounts button
Post to a folder: CTRL+ SHIFT+S
Go to the row above (message or group heading): ALT+ UP ARROW
Go to the row below (message or group heading): ALT+ DOWN ARROW
Add a Quick Flag to a message: INSERT
Mark as read: CTRL+Q

Note:  These keyboard shortcuts are known to work for Microsoft Office 2003. Many of them are useful in Office 2007 as well. For information on any differences, please contact the TARGET Center.  TARGET is the Washington, D.C. Microsoft Accessibility Resource Center. 

Next time:  Internet Explorer shortcuts