Blog Date: 
Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tabbed browsing is a feature of Internet Explorer, new in version 7. Tabbed browsing allows you to access multiple web sites by loading each page into "tabbed" sections of one browser window rather than multiple browser windows. This allows you to view a selection of your favorite sites in one window, view multiple search results at the same time, and set several pages as your home page, rather than just one.

You can cycle between the tabbed pages by pressing LEFT CONTROL+TAB to move forward between tabs, or LEFT CONTROL+LEFT SHIFT+TAB to cycle backwards between tabs.

Dolphin products since version 6.53 will support Internet Explorer 7. If you do not already have the free Internet Explorer 7 map file, this can be obtained either by running the "Update from Internet" feature in the control panel of your Dolphin software, or by contacting our Product Support help desk (

If you are running version 8.03 or higher of Supernova or Hal, you can experience for yourself some of the huge advances we have made to the Virtual Focus. Your Virtual Focus position will be remembered even when the browser window is covered up or minimized. This means that the Virtual Focus will remember your position when browsing web pages across the multiple tab function in Internet Explorer 7. It will even remember your position(s) if you are using multiple browser windows when comparing information across several different sites. This can be especially useful when you need to refer back to several web pages in the same session. If you are running Supernova or Hal version 8.01 or 8.02, you can update your software to 8.03 free of charge by running the "Update from Internet" feature in the Dolphin product's control panel.