Blog Date: 
Thursday, November 4, 2010

NFB Newsline Online and Book Port Plus make a great combination for those who want to take a few newspapers on their daily routine. One problem, though, especially if you have upgraded the SD card to one of the 16 or 32 GB models is that it can be difficult to find the latest editions of the papers among the hundreds of other titles on the unit.

When you use the Newsline to Go program to automatically download and populate your portable device, you have the convenience of obtaining several papers all at once without having to wade through the contents of several complicated web screens. This is like home delivery of your favorite periodicals. Soon, though, they start piling up.

Here is a tip that makes finding today's paper a little easier.
Book Port Plus's title list is powerful, but it can be difficult to find specific titles among hundreds of other titles, especially if you don't know the number of the title you desire.
If you have read a paper recently, you can take advantage of the Recent Titles List to get close to the newest periodical, then use the regular title list to get the exact issue you desire.
1. Press the Title key. Book Port Plus responds by opening the title list and announcing the current title.
2. Press the Go To key. Book Port Plus responds by opening the Recent Titles list which shows the last 50 titles you have read.
3. Press the Right Arrow key until you get to the paper of interest that you last read. For instance, if you read Wednesday's New York Times the other day, open it again by finding it in the Recent Titles list.
4. Press the Title key again. This time, the current title is Wednesday's New York Times. Press Right Arrow for Thursday's and another Right Arrow for Friday's and so on until you reach the desired issue.