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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Connecting via the USB client port

1- From the Apex main menu, follow the steps described in the section “Set your BrailleNote Apex to Terminal mode”.
2- Insert the larger end of the cable into one of the Mac's USB ports. If the Apex does not display the item on the Mac, then reset the Apex. Again, choose "terminal for screen reader" from the main menu, and press the Enter key.  Items from the Mac should then be displayed on the Apex.
Connecting via Bluetooth
To establish the connection, do the following:

1- Before attempting to pair the Apex with the Mac, you will need to ensure that Bluetooth has been turned on for the MAC and that it is discoverable by other devices.
From the Mac's desktop, open the menu bar; move the VO cursor down through the menu and select System preferences.  Interact with the scroll area of the Preference panes.  Move to the Bluetooth button and press it.  Make sure that the check box for Bluetooth on as well as the box for discoverable are both checked.  Then, close the Window.
2- From the Apex main menu, make sure Bluetooth is turned ON. See the section Turn ON Bluetooth on your BrailleNote:
3- After you have completed the above steps on the Mac, you will need to set the Terminal mode on the Apex. Change your terminal port to Bluetooth, then, exit to the Main Menu. Those procedures are described in the section “Connecting your Apex via Bluetooth”. 

On your MAC, from the desktop

1- Open Voiceover Utilities by pressing the VO keys with F8.  Interact with the table of categories and move to Braille.
2- Stop interacting with the table and move the VO cursor to the Displays tab and press the VO keys with Space to activate that tab.
3- Move the VO cursor to the right until you find the "Add Braille Display" button and select it.
The Mac will search for Bluetooth Braille displays.
4- When you hear that the Mac has found a display, move the VO cursor to the right to the table of discovered displays and interact with the table. Move the VO cursor down and find the Apex.
5- Stop interacting with the table.
6- When you no longer hear “busy” from the progress bar, move the VO cursor to the right, find the “select” button and activate it.
7- A secure edit box, the type of input control that is present when a password is needed, will then appear, along with a prompt for a pairing code. Type in “0000,” and press the Enter key.
8- If the pairing is successful, the Apex will display the contents of the VO cursor.

To learn how to use your Apex as a Braille display with your iPhone or another Smartphone, please check back over the next few weeks as we post more tips!

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