Blog Date: 
Friday, August 13, 2010

Setting-up your computer and screen reader:

1. Using USB client port requires the installation of a driver on your computer. You can download the appropriate driver and installation procedures from our Web site at:
2. Confirm the communication port is available on your PC. If you are using JAWS to communicate with Apex, you must use a COM port value 9 or lower. Please refer to the Setting your COM Port section below.
3. In your JAWS screen reader Braille display options, select the “BrailleNote” as your active Braille display.
4. If you are using JAWS, set the communication port to the new lowered COM port value (9 or less).
5. Quit your screen reader and restart it.

Setting your COM Port:

To communicate with Apex, you must use a COM port value 9 or lower.  To modify this on your PC, do the following:
1. In the Start menu, go to Settings/Control Panel and open System.
2. Select the "Hardware" tab and select the device Manager button.
3. In the Device Manager window, open Ports (COM & LPT) and select Apex Virtual USB COM Port 1 (COMX).
4. Right-click or press the Applications key on your keyboard and select Properties.
5. Select the port settings tab and click the "Advanced" button.
6. In the COM port number drop down list, select an available COM port value 9 or lower.
7. Click OK.
8. Back in the properties dialogue box, click OK.
Back in the Device Manager window, you will now notice that your BrailleNote Apex's COM port value is now 9 or lower.  

To learn how to use your Apex as a Braille display with your Mac computer, your iPhone or another Smartphone, please check back over the next few weeks as we post more tips!

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