Blog Date: 
Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stream Undo Key

Have you ever accidentally pressed key 4 or key 6 on your Stream and jumped to the previous or next chapter when you did not mean to? Then you had to fast forward or rewind to find your way back to your reading place? Is there a better way?
Yes. If you press the Cancel (star) key within 10 seconds of the accidental move, the Stream will undo your navigation.

For example, suppose you were in the middle of chapter 5 and accidentally press key 6 and moved to chapter6. If you then press the Cancel key within 10 seconds you will be returned to your previous position in chapter 5.

Precise Positioning of Stream Bookmark at the Start of a Section

Have you ever had trouble placing a bookmark precisely at the beginning of a chapter or section in a DAISY book? Well, there is an easy way to do this. First move into the section where you want to place the bookmark. Then press the Where Am I key (#5) to have your Stream announce the heading number of the section. Now press the Go To key above key 1 until you hear, Go to heading". Then enter the heading number of your section and press the Confirm key to the right of key 0. Stream will now position you precisely at the beginning of that section. Now insert your bookmark the usual way. In general, you should remember that wehn using the Go To key to jump to a page number, heading number, or folder, file, or time offset you always have 2 ways to end your numeric hvalue for the item. You can press the Play key to move to the new position and start playing or you can end the entry with the Confirm key which will position you at the new location but not start playback.

Stream Shortcut Key for Battery Status

Have you ever wanted to quickly get your battery status without listening to all the Key 0 Information Items?
The quick way to hear the battery status is to press key 0 followed by a double press of key 4. In general you should remember that after pressing key 0 you can use either key 4 or key 6 to move backwards or forwards through the Stream information items.