Blog Date: 
Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This Tech Tip requires Stream software version 3.0. To update your Stream to version 3.0 visit: 
and select the link to download the latest software.

A powerful feature of the Victor Reader Stream is the ability to create an audio bookmark used in conjunction with the bookmark alert feature. The audio bookmark is the equivalent of a sighted reader writing an annotation in the margin of a print book. The Stream user while listening to an audio bookmark can make his own voice annotation by recording a comment at a specific position in the book. To record an audio bookmark proceed as follows:
A. At the position where you want to record your audio bookmark, press the bookmark key (above key #3) multiple times until you hear, 'Insert bookmark".
B. Then press the Record key on the right side of the Stream. Stream will announce, Start recording'.
C. Then say your voice annotation.
D. Then press the Record key again to end the recording. The Stream will create a bookmark at the current reading position.

When you go back to that bookmark number using the Go To Bookmark function, the Stream will return you to that position in the book and automatically play back your voice annotation.

However, what if you return to the book months later and forget that you ever made an audio bookmark? The sighted reader has the advantage of seeing her written annotation in the margin when he or she re-reads the page. Well, with the addition of Bookmark Alerts in Stream version 3.0 the Stream will also alert you when you play the book and pass over a previously bookmarked position. If that bookmark was an audio bookmark it will also automatically play your recorded voice annotation.

If you wish to be alerted when you pass over a previously bookmarked position you must enable Bookmark Alerts in the Navigation and Playback menu.
A. Press the menu key 7 multiple times until you hear, "Navigation and Playback".
B. Press keys 2 or 8 to find the Bookmark Alert menu item.
C. Press keys 4 or 6 to select the Enable option.
D. Press the Confirm key to save this selection.
E. Press Play or Cancel keys to exit the menu.
F. Now you are all set. As an audio book reader using your Stream, you can benefit from voice annotations the same way a sighted reader benefits by writing notes in the margin.