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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Q. If I lose my reading place, how can I get back to it quickly if the DAISY or NISO book has no page numbers?

A. Most DAISY or NISO books without page marks have at least level 1 headings so you can use keys 2 or 8 to select level 1 navigation then use keys 4 or 6 to move back or forth between those headings. You can also jump directly to a relative heading by pressing the Go To Page key twice. This triggers the Go To Heading function which allows you to enter a heading number directly. Once you get to the major heading which is close to where you lost your place, you can then use keys 2 or 8 to select the 1, 5, or 10 minute time jump navigation. Sometimes if the DAISY headings represent large sections such as chapters, then setting a 10 minute time jump can be useful. If you lose your place then press the left arrow (key 4) to back up 10 minutes at a time until you hear text that you recognize.

Q. Is it possible to automatically start playing when I use the Go To key to jump to a desired file or place in a book?

A. Yes. If you press the Go To key above key 1 and then enter the number (page, heading, percentage, time, folder, file) to jump to you have a choice to finish entering the number with either the pound key or the Play key. If you enter the number followed by the pound key then you will be moved to the specified file/folder/position and must pres Play to start playback. However, if you enter the number followed by the Play key then you will be positioned at the specified file/folder/position and playback will start. In general, you should follow the number with the pound key when you wish to be positioned but not start playback. For example, you may want to place a bookmark precisely at the top of a page so you want to go to that page but not start playing. To position and start playing simply use the Play key to end the number entry instead of the pound key.

Q. How can I quickly get to the start of a DAISY or NISO book?

A. Press Go To Page followed by the Play key.

Q. How can I quickly reach the end of a DAISY or NISO book?

A. Press the Bookmark key repeatedly until you hear bookmark list. Then press key 6 until you hear 'end of book'. There are always at least 2 default bookmarks on the bookmark list: one for the start and one for the end of the book.

Q. How can I quickly jump to a position far into a large text file?

A. While in the Text files bookshelf, press the Go To key above key 1 which functions as a Go to Percent key for text files. Simply enter the relative percentage offset from the start of the file that you wish to reach. For example you can enter 50% to position at the middle of the file, 67% to position two thirds of the way into the file and so on. You can press Go To Percent followed by the Play key to return to the start of the file.

Q. How can I quickly jump to a time position far into a book in Other Books?

A. While in the Other Books bookshelf, press the Go To key above the key 1 until you hear 'Go To Time'. Then enter the time to jump to in the file in hours and minutes with no spaces. For example, enter 1 to jump 1 minute from the start of the book, enter 12 to jump to the 12 minute position, enter 123 to jump to 1 hour and 23 minutes, enter 1234 to jump to 12 hours and 34 minutes. The minutes can be from 0 to 99. In other words entering 99 means 99 minutes which is the same as entering 139 (1 hour and 39 minutes).  Note also that the time is relative to the start of the book not the start of an individual file. You can also press Go to Time followed by the Play key to return to the start of the book i.e., to the start of the first file of your book.

Q. How do I backup just a few seconds with Rewind key? If I hold it too long it backs up 1 minute.

A. You can release the key before 5 seconds of pres and hold which is when the accelerated time jumps begin. Or, you can also (press and release the Rewind key instead of holding it down and this will backup 5 seconds for each press. Same for fast forward.

Q. How can I quickly remove all the bookmarks in a single book?

A. You can quickly delete all the bookmarks in a book by pressing the bookmark key five times then the number nine five times followed by the confirm key.

Q. What is the best way to transfer a zipped NLS download book to my SD card?

A. There are 2 ways with Windows XP. First method:

  • Open the downloaded zip file.
  • Use Control+A to select all the files of the book.
  • Press Control+C to copy the files to the clipboard.
  • Create a book sub-folder in the $VRDTB folder on the SD card.
  • Open that sub-folder.
  • Press Control+V to paste all the files from the clipboard to the sub-folder.

    The second method involves one additional step but is considerably faster when copying to the SD card. Second method:

  • Press the applications key (right-click) on the downloaded zip file.
  • A context menu will appear. Select the 'extract All' option.
  • Follow the steps of the resulting wizard to create a folder on your computer containing the unzipped files of the book.
  • Find the newly created folder in Windows Explorer and press Control+C to copy it to the clipboard.
  • Open the $VRDTB folder of your SD card.
  • Press Control+V to paste the folder with the unzipped files to the $VRDTB folder.

    Q. How can I lock the keypad while playing a book?

    A. If you are carrying your Stream in a backpack or purse while listening you may wish to lock the keypad so keys are not accidentally pressed. To do this, start the book playing, then press and hold the star key.  To unlock the keypad press the 1, 2, and 3 keys in sequence.