Blog Date: 
Friday, March 14, 2014
Clara Van Gerven

Nemeth Code on the Braille Sense!

As of version 8.1 of the BrailleSense firmware, full Nemeth Support is available on the Braille Sense Plus, OnHand, and U2 series.

On Braille keyboard models, press BACKSPACE+N to enter and exit Nemeth Mode.
On QWERTY models, press ALT+N to enter Nemeth Mode. When in Nemeth Mode on QWERTY units, use Home row keys to write in Nemeth so that FDS are dots 123, and JKL are dots 456.

If you save your file as a DOC file and, unlike other products, it can print with standard mathematical symbols from a computer.

To save a file as a DOC file:
1.    From within your document press SPACE+S (ALT+S qwerty)
2.    You are in the Save as Dialog Box. You are prompted to type the name of your file.
3.    Press F3 (TAB QWERTY) to move to File Type.
4.    Use BRAILLE SCROLL BUTTONS to move between file types until you come to DOC.
5.    You can press F3 (TAB QWERTY) to the CONFIRM BUTTON and press ENTER.
6.    If you want to save the DOC file directly to a storage device, instead of pressing ENTER on the CONFIRM BUTTON in Step 5, press F3 again (TAB qwerty) and you are in a list of folders under MY DOCUMENTS. Press BACKSPACE until you hear FLASH DISK. Now use BRAILLE SCROLL BUTTONS to move to your SD Card or USB Drive and press ENTER. Now your DOC file is saved on an external storage device and will print perfectly from any computer.